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We Got The *Leaked* Royals Group Chat Following Kate’s Photoshop Fail

It’s been a while since we’ve had royal family drama on this side of the Atlantic. For once, Harry and Meghan are not involved in the latest scandal or coverup. They’re just chilling in California and enjoying it as much as the rest of us. And no, it isn’t even Prince Andrew this time. It’s actually the lesser of all evils: Katie!!

Kate Middleton has become a woman of mystery in recent months. First, a mysterious abdominal surgery, which we all know was prob a BBL. Then she disappears off the face of the Earth. For a royal to not be photographed is a serious thing. It involves a lot of NDAs, bribes, and snippets of Harry and Meghan drama to fixate on instead.

Then we get a sneaky pic of “Kate” in the car with her mumma. I say “Kate” because we all know it isn’t. It’s Pippa/a mannequin/AI/ET. But have no fear, Kate solved it all with a family pic!!! And she even saved the PR team the trouble of Photoshopping it themselves!! The “People’s Princess” indeed.

Well, this photo has now been removed from major international picture agencies, including Associated Press, Getty Images, Reuters, and AFP. But we have the inside scoop with this VERY REAL (not real) transcript of the royal family group chat. Grab a cuppa tea and get comfortable, as shit is about to hit the fan.

(BTW this is legit a joke, William. Have a sense of humor.)

Queen Camilla’s Texts To Royals Group Chat *Leaked*


Fleurine Tideman
Fleurine Tideman
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