The Royal Family Group Chat Is Def Popping Off About Meghan And Harry's Marriage Drama

From their embarrassingly short-lived Spotify deal to their car chase that wasn’t, it’s safe to say Harry and Meghan have not been living la dolce vita since their historic Santa Barbara escape. 

Rumors of the former Sussexes impending divorce have been swirling for months now, peaking most recently with multiple reports surrounding the “challenging” setbacks in their allegedly rocky relationship. 

Anyone with half a pulse and a lust for the delicious schadenfreude of watching your enemies’ lives fall apart would be rushing to their group chat when divorce content hits. So how could we expect the famously betchy royal family to act any different? 

Our imagined take on their ruthless GC is below and the royalTEA is piping hot. 



Emma Sharpe
Emma Sharpe
Emma Sharpe is a New York based writer and marketer. She's a Kardashian apologist and finds a Survivor metaphor for every life situation. You can find more of her pop culture ramblings at