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What The Hell Is Going On With This *Allegedly* Photoshopped Kate Middleton Photo??

Guys, I’m genuinely confused and concerned about Kate Middleton and her fam at this point. Like, what is happening?? This insane saga started with a simple announcement that the Princess of Wales was getting abdominal surgery. In January, the palace said she’d need some time away to recover and wouldn’t be making public appearances. Okay, sure. Fair enough. Then, she wasn’t seen for a while, and Twitter people who follow the royals’ every move (there are a lot) started getting worried and asking the important questions: Did Kate actually get abdominal surgery? Did she lie about that and get a BBL? Was she in an induced coma? As outrageous theories took over the internet, the palace got annoyed with us and stressed that they’d only provide updates when something significant happened.

But I fear something significant has happened, and we don’t have the details. In honor of Mother’s Day in the UK, the palace shared a photo of Kate posing with her three kiddos, George, Charlotte, and Louis. The chronically online detectives were quick to notice that the picture is… extremely fishy for a few reasons. So, what exactly is going on with this bizarre new Kate Middleton photo? Let’s investigate.

It’s The Only Official Photo Of Kate Since Her Hospitalization

You may recall that there’s only been one other image of Kate since she entered the hospital in mid-January — the super grainy paparazzi pic of her in a car. Basically, this Mother’s Day post was supposed to be her real comeback photo. Royal commentators were convinced that it would help quiet down the internet and put people at ease. LOL. The photo was allegedly taken by Prince William this year. Yeah, I have my doubts, too, and I’m anything but at ease.

The New Kate Photo Looks Photoshopped

If you look closely at Princess Charlotte’s sweater sleeve, part of it is fully missing. Someone is really regretting not double-checking their work right about now. Also, Prince Louis’ hand positioning is quite odd… his fingers are crossed in an unnatural, uncomfortable-looking way. A lot of people questioned the bright green grass and tree full of leaves behind them, too. Yeah, it’s definitely not giving England in winter. Basically, The People have concluded that this must be the work of AI or Photoshop.

The Photo Was Given A “Kill Notification” By Photo Agencies

Major news agencies — Associated Press, Getty Images, Reuters, and AFP — have now removed the photo from their libraries altogether. Evidently, they shared the internet’s suspicions that it’s been manipulated. Never a great sign when the legit agencies low-key agree with the social media conspiracy theorists. Whatever’s going on with Kate, I hope the Royal Girlie is okay!!

Ilana Frost
Ilana Frost
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