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We're Sleuthing Hard To Answer All Your Questions About The Tarte Bora Bora Trip

I think my invitation to the Tarte Bora Bora influencer trip got lost in the mail, ’cause I’m still waiting for my purple PR package and paid-for private jet with caviar and a personalized boarding pass. Yeah, we’ve reached that time of the year when we all kick ourselves for not turning on our silly little cameras and posting a few TikToks in 2020. It could’ve been us testing out a store’s worth of makeup and sipping champagne in our mansion-sized resort bungalows right now. Sigh.

Honestly, I’m still recovering from the infamous Tarte Dubai influencer trip of 2023. The main character TikTok girlies were riding camels and dune buggies (imagine explaining that one to the pilgrims), and there was some major drama regarding the sizes of the rooms and different treatment for different influencers. This year’s vacation promises to be just as luxurious… but will it also end with catastrophe and an apology from the Tarte CEO? We’ll just have to wait and see, I s’pose. Here’s your official guide to the Tarte Bora Bora trip, including a cost breakdown and the guest list.

A Very Accurate And Specific Cost Breakdown Of The Tarte Bora Bora Trip


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It’s actually impossible to wrap my head around this amount of money, but I tried my best. First of all, Tarte put the girlies on seemingly multiple charter flights from Los Angeles to Bora Bora. According to one TikToker, a jet for that journey apparently costs about $98,500 or more. Sooo, we’re looking at a minimum of $200,000 or $300,000 just spent on jets. Once they arrive in Bora Bora, the 25 ~influential~ guests are staying in luxury overwater bungalows at The Four Seasons Resort. The price of one of those per night seems to start at around $3,000 per night, according to the website. Excuse me while I go cry and then swiftly become an influencer.

Between the travel, the resort, the PR mailers, the food worthy of The Bear, the rooms all filled with hella expensive gifts, and whatever other surprises the makeup brand has in store for the trip… it’s impossible to have a clear picture of the total cost. I’m no woman in stem, but I’m gonna go ahead and say this is out of my budget.

The Influencers On The Tarte Bora Bora Trip


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I’m excited because some of my personal faves, chaotic New York City duo Halle and Jazz, are on the trip. Other influencers who made the VIP list include: Avani, Ciara Miller, Candy Lover, Amina, Emilie Kiser, Avery Woods, and Tianna Robillard. Lucky non-influencer Simone Llanos won a spot on the trip. (How does it feel to be you, Simone?) No Alix Earle this year — she’s in Paris at the moment. Relatable. Stay tuned to see if any conflicts arise…

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