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Hey, Babes! Get TikTok Famous On One Of These #Rejected Influencer Trips!


SUBJ: Influencer Trip June 2023

Great meeting today, everyone. We really grinded on that action plan and through the power of synergy, came up with some game-changers. No surprise since this team is a bunch of rock stars! Let’s hit the ground running on that brainstorm for the influencer trip. We really have the opportunity to make a big splash here, so we need all hands on deck to ensure maximum innovation. Let’s flesh out some ideas for the deliverables in this Google doc. Remember, these locations have to really WOW!!

In this doc: Jessica H., Jessica R., Anonymous Bearcat, Jesseca, Tielyr

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SUBJ: Re: Influencer Trip June 2023


Nice work on the pitches. Let’s get the ball rolling on that trip to space. @Jesseca, send a sample invite out by EOD. I’d also like to get some synergy on the meat pies, as a backup. @Tielyr, that one has your theater kid energy written all over it.

From: [email protected]

Thanks Bradd.

See draft below:

SUBJ: Hey Gorgeous! You’re Invited: EXCLUSIVE Voyage to an Undiscovered Hotspot!

Hey babe!

We came across your content and love your work! I’m putting together an influencer trip and wanted to invite you on an exclusive trip to a star-studded location that’s SO hot right now: the sun.

ICYMI, space travel is having a big moment right now, and we’re giving a select group of creators the chance of a lifetime to live out their Jeff Bezos fantasy! (Going to space, not destroying brick-and-mortar bookstores.) If selected for this campaign, you’ll officially be more successful than Lance Bass at one thing.

Please see below for the requested deliverables for this campaign:

1 Instagram Reel using original audio

5 story series with at least 5 frames each

1 static feed post every week for the rest of your life (the trip is priceless, but space travel costs $20 million)

Please note, all participants will be required to undergo a physical exam and submit proof of a valid will.

It’s gonna be out of this world!! 

RESPONSE REQUIRED. If you are unable to attend, our clients at Space Foods would like to hook you up with some authentic freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches! (In exchange for 7 IG story frames.)

We’re excited to hear from you xoxox

From: [email protected]

SUBJ: INVITE: There’s No Place Like London Influencer Trip

Cheers, darling!

I came across your content and love your videos/photos/etc.! I wanted to invite you on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to sample the local London cuisine courtesy of my client, Mrs. Lovett’s Pies.

Nestled in a cozy alley off the main drag on Fleet Street, Mrs. Lovett’s Pies is a woman-run and owned business serving up creative handmade confections made solely from local meat. The lonely quirky widow who runs the shop won’t share her secret recipe, but the taste has been described as “one of a kind.” 

You’ll also get to sample some of the other local businesses, such as a complimentary cut and blowout from Sweeney Todd’s barber shop, conveniently located right upstairs. 

We’re confident you’ll come to find that this close-knit neighborhood has a unique vibe where everyone knows almost everyone and people keep disappearing.

And the best part: There are NO deliverables for this trip! In fact, you’re not allowed to tell anyone where you’re going or post about it at all. 

This trip is perfect for true crime girlies who want a completely immersive experience! 

If interested, please respond with some dates for your one-way flight to London Heathrow.

Hope to be seeing you babes!


Sara Levine
Sara Levine
Sara cares about a few things, including cheese, cheap white wine (never chardonnay), and the Real Housewives of Potomac. She co-hosts Betches' Not Another True Crime Podcast and posts her tweets to Instagram.