The Best Sneakers To Pair With Every Summer Outfit So You're Stylish And Comfortable

Once thought of as just a workout necessity, sneakers have quickly become THE shoe of summer. And if you don’t have a pair yet, it’s time to get yourself to Foot Locker. Summer sneakers look good with every single outfit and pair seamlessly with everything in your closet. Like, some brides fucking wear sneakers with their wedding dresses nowadays. Def not suggesting that you take the trend that far, but you catch my drift. There’s just something so effortlessly stylish about pairing sneakers with an otherwise feminine or dressed-up look, and you need to get on board. From a guy’s perspective, sneakers make you look low-maintenance and chill af and, to girls, you look innately stylish. And, not only do sneakers look good with everything, but they also look good on everyone. Whether you’re into dad sneakers (*raises hand*), Old Skool Vans, or even Air Force Ones, there’s a perf sneaker out there for you. 

Like, legit, sneakers are the only shoe I’ve worn so far this summer… I mean, why the fuck would I wear anything else? I’m an intelligent girl, and when a trend comes around that is actually comfortable and makes my life easier, I’m obviously going to get on board. Here are four different examples of summer outfits that look even better with sneakers.

1. Shorts + Nikes

You can elevate even your most basic summer outfit with a hint of cool by pairing it with some trendy af sneakers. For example, you can wear a basic white tee with distressed denim shorts plus a pair of Vans, add a cute crossbody and a pair of sunnies, and BAM! Like, excuse me miss, but are you a fashion blogger? I chose to pair my shorts and Nikes with a graphic tee and a newsboy cap for a v Hailey Baldwin-inspired daytime-casual look.

Nike Air Huarache

Brandy Melville Aleena Oxford 1991 top

AGOLDE Parker High Rise black denim shorts

2. Skirt + Vans

Okay, so I’m currently OBSESSING over the skirt and sneakers combo right now. This outfit is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine (very 2018), and just looks so effortlessly chic. Literally any skirt, from denim to gingham, looks super stylish paired with sneakers. I wore my skirt and Vans ensemble with this feminine yellow top and on-trend sunnies. By wearing sneakers instead of a pair of heels, my outfit looks way more casual and Santa Monica-pier appropriate.

Vans Canvas Old Skool sneakers

Forever 21 Ribbed Twist-Front crop top

Revolve Lovers + Friends Cinci skirt

3. Dress Or Romper + Dad Sneakers

This pairing is the easiest outfit combo EVER and makes for a super stylish yet comfortable look. This outfit combo is an ideal going-out outfit, particularly for summer, where most nights you’ll be outdoors at either a rooftop bar or beer garden with a more causal vibe. Throw on an otherwise “clubby” dress with a pair of sneaks, and not only do you no longer look like a thirst trap, you look wayyyy more event-appropriate. Plus, everyone from Kendall Jenner to Hailey Baldwin has been rocking this look lately. I wore sneakers to dress down this super girly Forever 21 dress since I was going to a more laid-back dinner spot. 


Nike Air Huarache

Forever 21 Strawberry Cami Dress

4. Jumpsuit + Vans

Okay, maybe just as easy of an outfit as a dress/romper with sneakers is a jumpsuit with sneakers. Again, you get to look super stylish while remaining incredibly comfortable. Not only that, this outfit combo is super easy to move around in, which proved necessary for dodging all the “free” mixtape CDs I was being handed at Venice beach. Make sure the length of the jumpsuit is short enough that you can wear sneakers and it doesn’t actually require heels. If it’s too long, you’ll be tripping all over the place and, before you know it, cornered into buying five CDs when you don’t even own a CD player (or know anyone that does).

Vans Canvas Old Skool 

Forever 21 Striped Culotte Jumpsuit

Topshop Oversized Ripped denim jacket

With all of these trendy sneaker outfit ideas, you’re prepared to have the most stylish and comfortable summer of your life. Not only that, you’re now physically capable of running away from that creepy guy at the bar, or the mean bouncer trying to take your fake. Just be warned—even though your feet don’t hurt so you don’t have to go home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go home. Like my mother always said, nothing good happens after 2am.

Images: @lewisisfobos / Unsplash; Footlocker (2); Brandy Melville; South Moon Under; Vans (2); Forever 21 (3); Revolve; Topshop
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Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick
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