Get Kendall Jenner & Bella Hadid's Coachella Looks For Less

Coachella is the actual bane of my existence. Maybe I dislike it so much because I have serious FOMO, or because no one invited me to go. Or maybe it’s because I don’t have a cool grand to drop on one drug-fueled weekend. Either way, I still refresh Instagram until a celeb posts what they are wearing. Now that Coachella is over, I found four looks that can transition out of the dessert and into your closet. Obviously all for less than what the celebrities spent.

Hailey Baldwin’s Coachella Look

First up: Queen Hailey B. I loved this look because, well, you know I love an oversized hoop earring (even if they are Regina’s thing). And I feel like this is a socially acceptable outfit for a Saturday night. Yes? No? Whatever, I’m doing it.

These pearl earrings and corset top are both from Forever 21. My sunglasses are from Amazon, and my lip color is obviously a bargain too: Maybelline, fresh from the CVS counter. My jeans are from Asos.

Forever 21 Longline Microfiber Bra

Bella Hadid’s Coachella Look

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Next, in a similar look, is Bella Hadid. Instead of Bella’s Fendi wrap crop top, I found the same one on Forever 21. I chose to get black because I knew I would wear it more. I also already had a black belt and scrunchie at home. (Idk why I had a scrunchie please don’t ask about it.) Here are scrunchies from Forever 21 in case you need some too. My shorts are Levis; I think investing in denim shorts for summer is a no-brainer, especially when you can buy tops for $25 at Forever 21.

Body jewelry is also very cool, especially on the beach or at festivals. I probably wouldn’t wear it on a Saturday night, but sue me if I do. Amazon always has cheap body jewelry.

Forever 21 Ribbed Surplice Top

Kendall Jenner’s Coachella Look

Next up is sisters, particularly of the Jenner/Kardashian variety!

Kendall went with a low-key look this year, and I am going to show you how to turn her Coachella look into a daytime or nighttime outfit for summer. These oversized green joggers are from Forever 21; I paired them with a black crop top I’ve had for years from target. I put sock boots on on rather than black sneakers to make it more of a nighttime look. I threw a fanny pack over my shoulder, and boom! Kenny’s Coachella outfit right in your closet.

Forever 21 Paperbag Waist Pants

Kourtney Kardashian’s Coachella Look


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Recreating outfits isn’t always matching everything perfectly; sometimes it’s more about getting inspiration from celebrity looks. Kourtney is wearing one of my favorite trends right now, and that’s biker shorts. I found mine at Pretty Little Things for $8; they have them in literally every color.  I decided on all black, because wearing biker shorts is enough of a statement. I don’t need to wear them in lime green, unless, of course, I’m Kourtney K. I chose to wear Nike sneakers, and added the fanny pack around my waist, but you can always throw on a leather or denim jacket on to make this look more complete. My reflecting sunglasses are from Forever 21 last summer, but here is a similar look.

Pretty Little Things Basic Black Bike Shorts

Images: haileybstyle, bellahadid, kendalljenneroutfits, kourtneykardash / Instagram; Maya Media (4)