5 Summer Trends You Need To Have By The End Of This Month

The weather is (finally) getting warmer and slightly stickier, baristas are losing their patience by 9am, and the trains seem to smell more like shit everyday. This is summer in New York, and I truly wouldn’t trade it for the world—along with the ever-changing, yet always surprising fashion trends that come along with it. Every year there’s always a handful of trends to keep up with, and this year is obviously no different. From denim pieces to boho hats to trendy mules, here are the summer trends your closet should have by the end of the month if you’re trying to survive this summer in style.

1. Cute Jumpsuit

If you don’t already have one, I’m assuming you live under a literal rock. A jumpsuit is absolutely necessary for surviving multiple social events this summer. Make it a black one and you’ll have one you can slip into in the office on your way to happy hour on Friday. Pair it with heels and you’ll have an outfit ready for an upcoming summer wedding.

2. Straw Hat

Surprisingly, there are styles of hats you can wear without looking like a total idiot. This versatile style can be worn to every music festival you plan on attending these next few months, or you can sport it to just a boozy brunch with the girls on Sunday.

3. Denim Jacket

I mean, this one is kind of a given. You’ll need a lightweight jacket for all of those cool summer nights during which you’ll be barhopping. Buy a trendy denim jacket you can wear with like, literally any outfit in your closet.

4. Culottes

Yes, there are comfy af pants that aren’t leggings or sweats. And yes, you can wear these to work (no casual Fridays necessary) and to any bar, regardless of dress code. Praise fucking be. Culottes are a must-have this season, and if you get them in white, you’ll have a long-lasting summer staple to get through next summer, too.

5. Mules

Ditch flats and lame-ass slip-ons for a style that comes with the block heel we’ve loved since last summer. The thick hella chic heel makes for a comfortable strut so you won’t be the one complaining about how bad your feet hurt for once.

Urban Outfitters Wood Heel Mule

Images: Aral Tasher / Unsplash; Revolve; Shopbop; Boohoo; Asos; Urban Outfitters
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