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An Official Ranking Of Zendaya's Iconic 2024 Fashion Moments

If there’s one woman who’s always gonna eat up a red carpet or fashion event, it’s Zendaya. Unlike almost every other celebrity, she has literally never disappointed me. The two-time Emmy winner consistently serves bold, innovative, on-theme looks — there’s a reason why she was announced as a co-chair of the 2024 Met Gala, Sleeping Beauties. (I’m counting down the days until this pop culture holiday.)

These first two months of 2024, the Euphoria queen has been busy making appearances at Dune: Part II press tour stops as well as Paris Fashion Week shows. Zendaya and her partner in crime, celebrity stylist Law Roach, are maybe the most powerful duo in Hollywood. I’m actually gonna need the whole rest of the year to process the recent silver armor, artful cutouts, and inventive two-pieces. Although, the former Disney star doesn’t have any bad looks, I suppose they technically range from iconic to slightly less iconic. As a stan of hers, here’s my *official* ranking of Zendaya’s 2024 fashion moments so far.

9. The Dune: Part II Paris Photocall

Zendaya at the Dune: Part II Paris Photocall
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Zendaya is and will always be Mother, but this dress was a little basic for her. She looked angelic, of course, but it’s not totally up to her own standards.

8. The Dune: Part II Seoul Premiere

Zendaya at the Dune: Part II Seoul Premiere
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This is chic for sure, but I don’t love the gray, and it feels a little more business woman-y than I’d like.

7. The Dune: Part II Mexico City Photocall

Zendaya at the Dune: Part II Mexico City Premiere
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I was really torn about this one. I love a statement, and she looks beautiful as always, but I wonder if I would like this busy wrap dress on anyone else…

6. The Fendi Couture Spring Show 2024

Zendaya at the Fendi Couture Spring 2024
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I adore maroon and love that she’s keeping it glamorous and classy here, but as far as Zendaya fashion moments go, it’s just not the most exciting one.

5. The Dune: Part II New York City Premiere

Zendaya at the Dune: Part II New York City Premiere
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I was speechless when I first saw this photo. She really had a lot of trust in this dress at the New York City premiere… those cutouts are insane and gorgeous.

4. The Paris Fashion Week Schiaparelli Show

Zendaya at the Paris Fashion Week Schiaparelli Show
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The HAIR! The spikes! The perfect length train! Even though this is not one of her million Dune: Part II looks, it’s still giving Dune era energy.

3. The Dune: Part II Seoul Press Conference

Zendaya, Timothee Chalamet at Dune: Part II Press Conference
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You can find this photo next to “joint slay” in the dictionary. Zendaya and Timmy coordinated with each other and stunned in these leather jumpsuits. Bestie goals.

2. The Dune: Part II Paris Premiere

Zendaya at the Dune: Part II Paris Premiere
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It’s unlikely I will ever recover from these photos. This gold two-piece ensemble complete with a hood and vintage Bulgari jewelry is absolutely everything.

1. The Dune: Part II World Premiere In London

Zendaya at the Dune: Part II World Premiere
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“Gooped and gagged” doesn’t begin to cover it. Zendaya was the main event of the world premiere of Dune: Part II, dazzling in her futuristic armor and looking FIERCE.


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