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A Psychoanalysis Of The Timmy, Zendaya, Florence, Austin Friend Group

I took one psychology class in high school, and as a leading expert in the field, I’m currently studying the most fascinating Zillenial social circle of our time: Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Florence Pugh, and Austin Butler. To my trained eye, Dune: Part Two and the accompanying press tour with this crew seem like an intentional social experiment. (There’s a reason I’m working my ass off to try and schedule a hard-hitting interview with the casting directors to support my research.)

I mean, you have the flawless former Disney star/It-Girl beloved by the entire universe, the curly-haired heartthrob who used to be a highly-skilled rapper, the petite but powerful icon who gave us Don’t Worry Darling and wouldn’t promote it, and the method actor who finally got his big break and now claims he can’t stop speaking in an Elvis accent. 

A lot is going on here — almost too much. Calling the personalities in this group “wide-ranging” is an understatement. It shouldn’t work… but it does? In interviews together, the costars have said that they do have a bond and hang out outside of work. To provide some much-needed clarity, I offer you my in-depth psychoanalysis of the Timmy, Zendaya, Florence, Austin Friend Group. 

Zendaya Is The Bad Bitch, Maternal Leader Of The Pack

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Miss Zendaya is That Girl, and she brings her effortlessly classy energy to the mix here. Apparently, she volunteered to help Timmy set up his first New York City apartment and get him some necessities for the place. It’s giving mother-son bond in the best possible way. What makes her the leader, you ask? She’s literally Zendaya, a goddess walking among us mere mortals. Everyone naturally gravitates toward her and looks up to her.

Florence Is The Witty And Hot Spokeswoman 

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Florence is the girlie who’s gonna jump in and answer questions on behalf of the group in her signature witty and charming way. When they appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and he asked when they had last seen each other, she immediately joked that they all live together in a one-bedroom apartment. The blonde fashionista queen is always serving face and humor in these interviews. No hesitation, no awkwardness, no notes from me.

Austin Is The Himbo Trying To Appear Mysterious

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We’ve all had this friend at some point — at least, I have. (They run rampant in liberal arts colleges.) Austin is the guy with the pretty face who mostly stays quiet in an attempt to come across as artsy and deep. However, if you look into this kind of guy friend’s eyes long enough, you might find that he’s not exactly tortured. In fact, he just might not have anything profound or hilarious to contribute most of the time. And that’s okay! We still love him <3. 

Timmy Is The Boyish Comedic Relief With A Sincere Side 

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Although Timmy looks like he’s 16, he’s actually 28. I’d love to honor his Frenchness by saying that he brings a certain je ne sais quoi, but I can indeed identify his role. Timmy has an endearing boyish energy that’s like icing on the cake in a friend group. I’m guessing he makes the group laugh sometimes, but they’re also just laughing at him a lot of the time. That combined with his little moments of sincerity is what gives him the key to a co-ed crew helmed by the most powerful of women. 

Ilana Frost
Ilana Frost
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