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Katie Sneaky Linked with Schwartz's Bestie, Everybody Clap

Last Tuesday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules was special in a lot of ways. Lala’s cosplay as a girl’s girl who has Ariana’s back finally came to an end. Sandoval dropped his audition tape for the next Exorcist film and for what it’s worth, I was appropriately horrified. But best of all Tom Schwartz learned a lesson he’s been long overdue to receive for many years now: fuck around and find out. Last year, Katie politely pleaded with her ex-husband to refrain from hooking up with mutuals in their friend group once their divorce was finalized. But did Tom oblige her simple request to keep his self-proclaimed make-out whore ways outside of SUR territory? No, he did not. Not after their break-up, and barely when they were actually together, if we’re keeping score.

So when Brock dropped a bomb that Katie had an adult sleepover with one of Tom’s besties the weekend before, my first reaction was to clap. My second was to figure out who this mystery hook-up was, considering he was said to be Tom’s bestie, Katie’s sneaky link, and one of many GPS targets on Scheana Schay’s phone. So who is this Max Boyens that had Katie smirking and Schwartzy shook? Let us open our VPR history book, shall we?

Max was a cast member on Vanderpump Rules

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Max Boyens, as many were quickly able to connect the dots, was a cast member on season eight of Vanderpump Rules. If you still don’t recognize the name, I don’t blame you. It was an entirely forgettable era of VPR, overladen with a bunch of then-new, now-forgettable, younger SURvers who were supposed to be their Degrassi: Next Generation moment but ultimately flopped (except Charli, whom I miss dearly). Max was introduced as the manager of TomTom during season seven, who was supposed to be something like the cool Robin to Brett’s sexy Batman but ended up invoking the memory of a million men I swiped past on Hinge because they were “still figuring out their relationship goals” at 32.

Max was a one-season wonder

As you may be more likely to remember, Max was fired after season eight (along with his buddy Brett) for racist tweets that he and all of his friends made very clear were written all the way back in 2012 (when Max was old enough to drive, vote and be drafted into war FWIW). Arguably more offensively (JK), Max was a sentient slick-back whose storyline revolved around his life as a man about town who created a love triangle between two mostly competent, very beautiful women (Scheana and Dayna) when it would have been confusing enough if he had played one of them. I both forgave and forgot Max existed because just like the Jaoquin Phoenix movie, You Were Never Really Here.

Does Max Still Work at TomTom?

Max Boyen, Schwartz, and Sandoval hang
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The GM has moved on to other illustrious gigs such as working for international promoter’s HQ, Tao, and others in the hospitality sphere. Eagle-eyed fans have also spotted him in the background of scenes of The Valley, so maybe a Bravo return is in the works.

Who Else Did Max Hook Up With?

Max Boyens and Kristen Doute get handsy
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As stated, Max’s low-key situationship with Scheaner caused a meritless feud between her and Katie Maloney’s podcast co-host, Dayna Kathan, who he was stringing along with the tease of a relationship for the majority of season eight.  Thanks to Brock we all now know Max recently spent some private time with Katie but lest we forget (thanks to Scheana’s obsession with oversharing) we also know Max previously had “drunk sex twice” with Kristen. Scheana and Brock really are the couple that keeps on giving. As for his relationship status now? Rumor has it the legend is still Peter Panning all around Greater Los Angeles to this day.

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