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Something Is Up Between Lala And Katie And I Need Answers

Rumors have been flying that Lala Kent and Ariana Madix got into a friendship-shattering fight at this season’s Vanderpump Rules reunion, rumors that Lala all but confirmed during an appearance on The Talk. But it seems like Lala isn’t satisfied with blowing up her inner circle solely with Ariana. There’s been some cryptic back and forth between herself and her former ride-or-die Katie Maloney, too, and I need answers. Like now.

Lala and Katie’s showdown at Ally’s astrology night over Lala’s continued projection of her breakup onto Ariana’s was definitely not very these are the best times of our lives, but it also wasn’t unforgivable by VPR standards. Plus, they called a truce over sparkling water (which is Lala’s thing now and no one else’s, apparently, FYI) practically the next day. So, what caused Katie and Lala’s falling out? Let’s try to find out.

Are Lala and Katie Still Fighting Or Friends?

During a WWHL appearance in an outfit I can finally get behind, Katie was asked by superfans about comments on Give Them Lala (The Vanderpump to podcast host pipeline must be discussed at a later date) in which Lala said that she and Katie had an off-screen falling out after last season’s reunion. When asked what said original fallout was about, Katie seemed completely lost. Andy followed up the fans’ question with one of his own: are Katie and Lala on the outs again after this season’s explosive reunion? Katie replied that “she and Lala have the same fighting style” and seemed unsure about where they stand now.

Now Why Is Katie’s Mom In It?

Katie's mom Teri on 'Vanderpump Rules'
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Never one to stop talking, Lala made sure the feud remained present tense during an Instagram Q&A. In response to someone asking for clarity on the ladies’ friendship status once and for all, Lala said that if she “[went] back to being miserable,” she and Katie would “get real thick again.” Lala then offered a backhanded apology to Katie’s mom for good measure, writing that she almost didn’t post the negative words out of love for Teri. Calling me miserable and implying my mom is the only good thing about me? Those are fighting words where I come from.

So…What The Hell Happened Between Lala and Katie?


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Since Katie has doubled down that she has no idea what’s causing the animosity, and Lala’s too busy trying to drop bars to actually explain her problem, we can only speculate. We’ve seen Lala grow increasingly bitter throughout season 11 that Ariana’s heartbreak, unlike her own, came with a cash value… so maybe Lala’s secretly mad Ariana made Katie second chair in Ariana’s rise to the top instead of herself, too? After this week’s reveal that Katie hooked up with Schwartz’s close friend on the low, it’s clear Katie is slaying ruthlessly in these streets (and good for her btw). Maybe Katie accidentally poached a guy Lala had her eyes on, but Lala pretended to be cool with it like she did with Rachel and Oliver. Honestly, my best guess is that Lala can feel a casting shake-up is inevitable and is working overtime in the off-season to secure her spot. Regardless of the reason, if cutting ties is this easy, I think they should just roll with it at this point.

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