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AD Deserves More Than These Trash Men On ‘Love Is Blind’

Excuse me while I schedule several extra therapy sessions this week to help me process the highly triggering men pursuing Amber “AD” Desiree on season 6 of Love is Blind. I’m sorry, but which evil producers let Matthew and Clay on the show? I need names and contact info, so I can file a formal complaint. AD is a former New England Patriots cheerleader, a boss real estate agent, and possibly the sweetest girl on the planet. So naturally, she got stuck in pods with the male manipulators of all male manipulators.

In the season premiere, AD jokes to the camera, “If I see a red flag, I’m like, ‘Oh, well I’ll just paint my nails red to match.’” I may or may not have screamed at my laptop screen… as if that isn’t my exact approach to dating. Then, I had to witness Matthew setting a world record for gaslighting and Clay acting like an aggressive 15-year-old (he’s 30). I think we can all agree that AD deserves way more than these absolutely trash men on Love is Blind

Matthew Fed AD Unhinged Lies

Matthew on Love is Blind Season 6
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Matthew is, like, my worst nightmare come to life: He’s a mediocre-looking white man with a clinical need for validation and a passion for lying. According to him, he didn’t do the show to become a “C-list celebrity” — which is fortunate, because I’d say he qualifies more as “Z-list.” AD compared him to a “pistachio” in a nice way, claiming he has a hard outer shell and blah blah blah. Personally, I think he’s just a nut.

The “small-town boy” told her that whenever she gave him the word, he’d leave with her. He even said, “The only reason I’m here is for you.” Mmhmm. After her date, AD discovered that Matthew gave the other Amber the same speech about leaving the show and asking her father’s permission to propose. When AD confronted him about it, this man had the audacity to say, “That’s not true.” I actually choked. Obviously, he meant to say that the only reason he’s here is for “Ambers.” AD is so infinitely far out of his league in every way, it feels like a joke watching this.

Clay Had Major Concerns About AD’s Looks

Clay on Love is Blind Season 6
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And I have major concerns about him. AD had it right in the first episode when she said, “I think Clay is a ladies man, but I’m still so curious.” No, girl. Curiosity killed the cat and it also killed any hope of a healthy romance. That’s the saying, right? Clay, Mr. Smooth, had the gall to tell her that his “worst fear” was her not meeting his looks expectations after they fell in love through a wall. Sir, are you aware of what show you signed up for? Maybe choose Love is NOT Blind next time. Like the badass she is, AD told him that she has “so much more to offer” than just her appearance. 

In episode 2, he loses it when he finds out she also has a connection with Matthew. Controversial statement: I see this as a weakness and a strength. I do not like that he raised his voice at her or dared to comment on her behavior. However, I kinda felt him when he yelled, “MATTHEW? Oh my fucking god. You gonna regret that shit.” Clay, sweetie, I think she also might regret you. But who’s to say?!

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