It Looks Like Khloé & Tristan Really Are Together Again

Another day, another indication that 2020 might really be the year that civilization comes crumbling down. This time, I’m not referring to frightening coronavirus statistics or the slump in the economy, but rather the news that Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are apparently back together. Questions about a possible reconciliation have been lingering for a while, considering that Tristan has basically been quarantining with Khloé and their daughter True for most of the pandemic, and it looks like those fears questions have finally been confirmed.

Khloé and Tristan officially called it quits in early 2019, in the fallout of Jordyn Woods-gate. We may never truly know what happened between Jordyn and Tristan that night, but regardless, it was some shady sh*t that Khloé was not down with. Over the last year, she and Tristan worked on their coparenting relationship, and on the most recent season of KUWTK, Khloé struggled with her feelings about spending more time around Tristan again. Well, apparently a global pandemic makes the heart grow fonder, and according to an Us Weekly source, these two are officially back on.

The source says Khloé is “hopeful that Tristan has changed for good and will continue to grow and be the great and loyal partner that he has been throughout their time together during the quarantine.” You know, I really hope that works out for her, I do. Does that seem realistic? Who knows, maybe! 2020 is the year to expect the unexpected, so maybe Tristan really can change his ways.

The source continues, “The fact that Tristan hasn’t been working or been able to hang out with his friends and other athletes who have previously been a negative influence on him like he used to has been great for their relationship.” Aaaaand that’s what I was worried about. Tristan scored some extra time at home due to his sh*tty Cleveland Cavaliers team not making the NBA Playoffs Bubble, but what happens when next season starts? Even though people are still finding ways to cheat during the pandemic, I don’t think Tristan deserves a medal for not screwing around on Khloé for a few months.

Due to Tristan playing for Cleveland, he and Khloé have been forced to deal with long distance for most of their time together, and it’s no secret that Tristan would into trouble when Khloé wasn’t around. Who could forget the time when a video of him with another woman went viral just DAYS before Khloé gave birth to his daughter? I, for one, will never be over it. Combine that with the Jordyn incident, and other transgressions that we probably don’t know about, and he doesn’t have the best track record.

Of course, past behavior is not always predictive of future outcomes, and Khloé is an adult who can do whatever she wants. Plus, according to another source, she has her own motives for reconciling with Tristan: “Khloé would love to give daughter True a sibling because she is at the perfect age.” That actually makes a ton of sense, considering that it’s pretty much exactly what Kourtney did with Scott. A few months ago, Khloé shot down rumors that she was pregnant again, but a lot can happen in three months of 2020. If Khloé really just wants another baby out of this, then she should make that happen, but I just want the best for her, which includes not getting played again.

Images: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Remy Martin

Dylan Hafer
Dylan Hafer
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