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The Funniest Memes And Tweets About The 2024 Golden Globes

It’s officially awards show season, aka where we all sit in our pajamas and stuff our faces with snacks while we judge celebrities’ outfits on the red carpets – OOPS, I mean root for our favorite actors and actresses and listen to some incredible and moving acceptance speeches! That is why we are all gathered here today, to watch the 2024 Golden Globes. But you know what my favorite part actually is? The hilarious Golden Globes tweets and memes. Y’all DELIVERED on the content, so we’re rounding up some of the best reactions to WTF we all just watched.-

The Funniest Golden Globes 2024 Tweets And Memes:

You Go, Glen Popo

It’s not an awards show without a snafu. After The Hollywood Reporter accidentally mislabeled This Is Us star Justin Hartley as Glen Powell, the Anyone But You star had the perfect response:

10/10, wouldn’t see it. 


The Globes red carpet this year is feeling January. Despite all the talk of pink and Barbiecore, the red carpet felt quite a bit darker, with Rosamund Pike and Hannah Waddingham bringing funeral vibes. Just don’t tell Barry Keoghan about it.

And, of course, given Pike’s fit was chosen to cover up bruises sustained during a ski injury, the internet wished her well…

Barbieheimer Face-Off

Will Barbie or Oppenheimer clean up at the Globes? WHO CARES. Who will win the red carpet?

I mean, duh.


The hottest couple on the red carpet?


Had high hopes for host Jo Koy? Well, as Betchelor’s Sam Bush so eloquently said following the dude’s monologue:

I mean, Jo was shown up immediately afterwards by the most insufferable man of all time.

It’s never good when you go off-script and apologize for your monologue just minutes in. It’s also never good when your comedy spawns a Taylor reaction meme.

Not to mention a Harrison Ford reaction. 😬

There can be only one explanation.

And only one person can save us.

Say it louder for the people in the back:


At least he’s on theme?

Swift Reaction

Speaking of, it’s not an awards show without a Taylor Golden Globes meme, is it?

Look what you made her do, Jo.

It’s giving wedding cringe.

TGFBH (Thank God For Bill Hader).

Keeping Up…

Now, ladies and gentlemen, for the main event of the evening…

Would give up my life savings to whoever could tell me what was said in this video.

And this video.

Just Like Us

And let’s never forgot our winners’ most humble roots…:

…and hobbies:

We Need To Talk About Kevin

And whatever he took before getting on stage to present.

And while we’re on the topic, never forget the genius Regina Hall at last year’s Golden Globes.

Categorical Fail

You’re not alone — though we’ll never pass up the opportunity for more Barbie, we’re all confused as to why exactly the Globes added that category.

J-Law Forever

Would awards season be complete without an absolutely iconic Jennifer Lawrence moment? (Or 10?)


Overall, bravo to history made, boo to bad stage choreography and not enough booze, and praise the internet gods for moments like these. Some people wait a lifetime.

Until the Oscars!

Katie Corvino
Katie Corvino
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