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Everything You Missed At This Year's Golden Globes

The best part about this year’s Golden Globes has nothing to do with the show itself. It’s a sad truth, but it’s becoming increasingly harder to GAF about what’s happening on stage. It’s all about the moments when the stars don’t realize they’re being filmed. Essentially, it’s like a wild life documentary. It’s way more interesting to watch a bear catch a salmon with its giant paws then it is to see one at the circus. So, we raise our glasses to you, commercial cameraman! Thank you for getting us those small, behind-the-scenes moments that show us what Hollywood is really about! The moments you missed at this year’s Golden Globes are top tier.

At watercoolers across the nation, people are talking about the Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez gossip session waaaaaayyy more than they’re discussing who won for Best Original Score. We’re living for the Kylie and Timothée of it all, and did you see Taylor’s face when Jo Koy made that lame-ass joke? These are the moments that matter.

The Top Moments You Definitely Missed At The 2024 Golden Globes

A gorgeous Mama Mia reunion

Ben Affleck simply not looking miserable

Bill Hader effectively winning Dad of the Year

Jennifer Lawrence’s much-needed take on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City finale…

Cillian Murphy having lipstick on his face while accepting his award

Kylie and Timothée allowing us all to watch them be in love

Jared Leto 100% doing/saying something that made his table flee

Benny Blanco joining Selena at the after party

Margot Robbie and America Ferrera smelling the Jacob Elordi Bath Water candle on the red carpet

Ayo Edebiri reacting to Jeremy Allen White’s Calvin Klein ad

Steph Perlman
Steph Perlman
Steph Perlman is Betches' Entertainment Editor. She's a Kardashian historian, Real Housewives enthusiast, and Pete Davidson apologist.