OMG EW! There’s A Jacob Elordi Bathwater Candle *Adds To Cart*

If you’re reading this story, I assume you’ve already watched the bathtub scene in Saltburn. You know the one. I saw it about two weeks ago and the image of Barry Keoghan licking/inhaling Jacob Elordi’s bathtub is still deeply engrained into my mind. But what might even be weirder than that image, is the fact that there is now a Jacob Elordi Bathwater Soy Candle you can buy. That’s right, you can impress your loved ones and guests with the relaxing and not-at-all disturbing scent of Jacob butt nakey taking a bath while creeper Barry watches. FUCKING EWWWW, RIGHT? *adds to cart*

There were a lot of WTF moments in Saltburn — the vampire scene, the graveyard, the FUCKING ENDING!!! — but nothing took the cake quite like that bathtub scene, IMO. If you want to buy the candle to have a lil bit of Jacob with you at all times, you can shop it below. (I promise we won’t judge — TBH, I just ordered five.)

Jacob Elordi's Bathwater Candle
 $26.45 (was $27.84)

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Katie Corvino
Katie Corvino
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