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Channel Your Inner "Cowboy Carter" With These Cowgirl Positions

When Renaissance dropped, I’ll admit, I went out and bought a cute lil’ sparkly cowboy hat. But now that we’re officially in the Cowboy Carter era, the country lifestyle will infiltrate every aspect of my life. I’m talking cowgirl boots, spurs, and plaid shirts. 

Okay, not really. I think cowgirl boots are hideous, spurs seem like an accident waiting to happen, and I swore off plaid shirts back in 2013. So, if you’re like me but you still want to channel your inner Cowboy Carter, you don’t need to go full hillbilly. You can leave the chaps locked away and still honor Queen Bey’s country album in the best kind of way — through sex. 

Beyonce, being the sex symbol that she is, would want you to have sex in her honor. And to truly celebrate Cowboy Carter, you’ll want to do it cowgirl style. 

It’s true that “cowgirl” itself is just one specific sex position, but there are a ton of different variations. Anything where you’re on top and riding your partner basically counts as cowgirl, and trust me when I say there are endless ways to ride. 

So stretch those legs and get ready to put in work. Here are all the different types of cowgirl positions you can try to ride (it) into the sunset. Yeehaw, betches. 

Cowboy Carter
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Classic Cowgirl

You’re not new to this, you’re true to this. Have your partner lie on their back (either with their legs straight or their knees bent) and get on top facing them. Plant your knees to the side of their chest. Then, get to riding.

Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is basically the same position as cowgirl, just in reverse (it’s pretty aptly named). You can grab onto your partner’s thighs, and if you’re really flexible (and in a freaky mood), you can even get some toe-licking action going. 


If you’re in a particularly athletic mood, grab a yoga ball (or a couch will do if you don’t have one available) and get to riding. If you’re using a yoga ball, have your partner place their back on the ball with their legs bent in front of them, kind of like they’re a table. If you’re on a couch, it’s the same concept: back on the sofa and legs bent in front of them. Then, sit on top of them with your legs swung over onto both sides, kind of like you’re riding a horse (hence the name, duh!). Then, both you and your partner can put in work to make you bounce up and down on them. 

Air Ride 

This is basically the saddle position, but without using a couch or a yoga ball. Have your partner lay on their back and then lift themselves up by the arms and legs — just like they’re imitating a table or a bridge. Your partner might be a little uncomfortable staying in this position, but hey, you’re the one putting in the work, so they can deal. Then, hop on top and get to bouncing. 

Side Straddle

The key to this position is making sure your partner’s knee is bent so that you can use it to help yourself ride and grind against their thigh (a win-win, in my opinion). Have them lay on their back and sit on top of them so you’re straddling their bent leg. 

Side Saddle

Channel your inner princess of Genovia by trying the side saddle (and yes, this is different from the above side straddle). Instead of having your partner’s knee bent, you will just have them lay down on their back with their legs out straight in front of them. Make sure they’re either parallel to the edge of the bed or lying out on a couch. Then, all you have to do is plop yourself down and sit on them so that you’re perpendicular (see, math can be useful in adulthood). You want your legs hanging down the side of the bed or the couch. 

Squatting Cowgirl

In the basic cowgirl position, you ride your partner with your knees tucked next to them. In the squatting cowgirl position, you’ll have to channel your inner Meg Thee Stallion and put those quads to work. Your partner is still lying flat on their back, but you’ll be on your feet, squatting over them. Then, just twerk. Let’s aim to last longer than 30 seconds, okay?

Hot Seat

This position helps you channel your inner cowgirl without thinking too hard about it. All you have to do is have your partner sit in a chair or at the edge of the bed and then just sit in their lap facing away from them, like you’re sitting on a chair. You can hold onto their thighs beneath you to help raise and lower yourself, or you guys can really simulate a horse ride by having your partner bounce their thighs underneath you. 


Who says cowgirls can’t be intimate? Your partner should sit up with their legs in front of them or slightly in a criss-cross-apple-sauce position. Then, you can climb on top and sit on their lap to face each other. You’re still controlling the speed of things, but you might want to ride it slowly in this position. 

Bent Cowgirl 

You probably can’t actually ride a horse in this position, but who cares? We’re focusing on getting fucked. Your partner should sit on a bed with their legs hanging off the edge. But instead of sitting straight up, they should be sitting back so they’re using their arms to keep them up. You want to then lower yourself onto them so that you’re facing their legs. Don’t just tuck your knees or squat, though. For the bent cowgirl, you will want to prop your torso up with your arms on your partner’s knees and let your legs fall around both sides of them. So basically, you want to lift yourself up princess-Ariel style so that your partner’s face and your butt are staring at each other.

Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad is a sex & dating writer at Betches despite not remembering the last time she was in a relationship. Just take her word for it.