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Jessica Biel Bathed In 20 lbs Of Epsom Salt To Prep For The Met Gala. Is She Onto Something?

Everyone has their pre-big-event beauty ritual. Some people avoid alcohol and sugar, some people go on juice cleanses, and other people take 20-pounds of epsom salt and bathe in it the night before. Okay, by “other people,” we mean Jessica Biel. 

In a TikTok the night before the 2024 Met Gala, Jessica explained that while other people are out partying, she prepares for a big event like the Met Gala by soaking in a bathtub full of hot water (“as hot as you can take it,” according to her) and five bags of Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt. She said that 30 minutes the night before any big event paired with staying super hydrated and going to bed early is the only thing you need.

Now, I love that she has her little ritual, but I, for one, have questions. She said that this type of bath is all it takes to prep for something like the Met Gala, but is there any real benefits to soaking in 20 pounds of Epsom salt

@jessbiel While the kids are out partying, I am in soaking 🛁 #MetGala ♬ original sound – Jessica Biel


What Does Epsom Salt Do?

Soaking in epsom salt isn’t a brand new concept at all. Tons of people with any sort of stress or body pains typically bathe in epsom salt because it’s been said to relieve stress and aches. That’s probably why a bunch of athletes soak their feet in epsom salt. But something tells me it’s not stress relief that Jessica is looking for in 20 pounds of the stuff.

“Soaking in Epsom salt before a big event like the Met Gala may help ease anxiety ahead of the event, reduce inflammation, and might even give the skin a nice glow,” Dr. Raj Dasgupta, Chief Medical Advisor for Fortune Recommends Health tells Betches. “The hot water also helps to boost circulation.”

And as for the rest of the routine, Dr. Dasgupta says she has a pretty good checklist going. 

She could also consider adding a healthy breakfast the morning of an event, light stretching or exercise for extra relaxation, and meditation can also help calm nerves before a big event,” he says. 

This all sounds great, but do we really need to use five bags of the stuff?

Do You Need 20 Pounds Of Epsom Salt?

Dr Teal's Unscented Pure Epsom Bath Salt

In her TikTok, Jessica is using five 4-pound bags of Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt — specifically the “Soaking Solution” that is fragrance-free and labeled as “eases aches and pains.” Now at around $5 a pop, that means you’d be spending $25 for a single Jessica-Biel-style bath.

Now, $25 isn’t a lot of money if you’re talking about prepping for one big night. But it can start to add up if you’re looking to make this your go-to routine for the night before an important event. 

The reality is you don’t need 20 pounds of the stuff, but it depends on your preference. There’s no standard recommendation. “I’d generally suggest using about 1-2 cups of Epsom salt per bath for its benefits without risking any side effects,” Dr. Dasgupta says. “It’s always best to follow general guidelines and adjust it based on your personal preferences and tolerance.”

But if you really aren’t in the mood to use any epsom salt (let alone 20 pounds of it), there are other options to look your best the night before a big day. 

“For relaxation, some people may also find that applying magnesium oil directly on their skin or using bath bombs or salts with Epsom salt helps as well,” Dr. Dasgupta says. “But don’t forget to stay hydrated and get enough sleep — they’re both key for feeling your best the next day.”

So while Jessica’s pre-Met Gala routine may work for her, I’d personally put about four of those bags back on the shelf. 

Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad
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