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Hannah G Spills On Life After 'The Bachelor' And How TF To Get Wedding Ready

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Hannah Godwin found love in a hopeless place. No, like, she was literally dumped on television by a guy who decided to chase the girl who dumped him. Considering what followed (hint: a restraining order) I would definitely consider Bach Nation circa 2020 to be a hopeless place. But, alas, Hannah G went on to Bachelor In Paradise and found herself engaged to, *swoon*, Dylan Barbour by the end of it (thank god).

Once that whirlwind of a love story settled down a bit, I couldn’t help but wonder what happens next for Hannah G? Does she still have to go by Hannah G? What does wedding planning look like? Now that she has her phone back is legit as obsessed with TikTok as I am? I know the suspense is killing you too, so I sat down with Hannah (sans G) and asked what life looks like now, and how TF is she getting wedding ready. Let’s get into it.

First question— Can you tell me a little bit about your bridal beauty routine? Are there any favorite products that you have? Any go-tos?

I’ve been really in full bridal prep mode because it’s, like, actually so soon now. Yesterday I  typed in, “How many days until our wedding day?” And, I was thinking it would be around 90 or so… And it’s actually under 70 now.  It’s in the 60s, which is so exciting but it’s definitely go-time. I’ve been drinking a lot of water, collagen water, {and focusing on} skincare. {I’ve} been whitening my teeth using the Colgate Optic White Comfortfit LED whitening kit and it has been literally a game changer. I’ve used the pen and their whitening products years before and I always tell everybody this is my little beauty hack and trick. You can plug this into your phone while you’re scrolling… You can be multitasking and whiten your teeth.

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Speaking of scrolling, I know you’re on TikTok. Have you seen any fun beauty, or wedding-related TikToks that you’ve been inspired by or influenced by to participate in?

TikTok literally inspires me to do all of my new beauty tricks. I’ve been doing blush under my eye, like mixing it in with my concealer. So, it’s a pinker under-eye. I’ve been seeing that a lot and it looks really pretty. {Also} layering mascaras… Like making a kind of mascara cocktail I’ve been seeing that a lot.and  trying out different mascaras and working on perfecting that. The rollers this year have been a big one. Like, seeing people use their actual hair rollers and stuff and seeing their blowouts has fully inspired me. So every time I style my hair now I’m doing the whole roller thing which has been actually really great.

@hannahg11 was inspired by @Tabs ♬ girls like me don’t cry (sped up)

(TBH, I was totally inspired by this trend too. Here are some of my favorite rollers.)

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I literally feel like I’m on mascara-tok all the time. Is there any specific mascara that you like to use?

I really like Lancôme. Honestly, the Lancôme Idôle mascara. It’s so good. That one has been kind of my basic go-to lately.

@hannahg11 my little mascara cocktail 🤌🏻 using @Lancôme #lancomepartner #lancomeLashes #Lancomemascara available at @Ulta Beauty ♬ original sound – Hannah Godwin

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I know you just recently had your bachelorette party, which looked amazing, by the way. Looking back, did you have any specific must-haves that you brought along that felt like, oh my gosh, that was totally essential? Or themes that you really loved?

We did a whole creative doc essentially, like, [a] PowerPoint of each day and the vibe and that was just so much fun to do. Definitely recommend doing whole theme days. It was just a blast and everybody’s sending outfit picks and stuff. Asking, “Should we do this?” And my friend did a bunch of Dylan-themed stuff, which was great. Like my maid of honor, she absolutely understood the assignment and more. She just straight A, absolutely crushed.  [She also brought] these supplements actually— it’s called Party Smart, and you can take it and it helps you feel good the next day after a long night.

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One last question, do you have any advice for brides going through the wedding planning process right now?

Really what I’ve had to work on is differentiating what people want to see or guests want to see versus what I want it to be like. And I feel like I have to work on that in so many aspects of my life now because I’m always like, well, will this get more likes? Or, will people like this more? But I’ve had to really, really work on being like, no, that’s enough of that.

What’s going to stand out the most and feel the most authentic and what I’m going to love are just going to be things that I like. And if other people don’t like it, that’s okay. And just playing in that space of just not everybody’s going to like every decision. There’s absolutely no way and nor should that be a goal. It should actually be the opposite because it’s cool to not be like every other wedding that you’re seeing. So I’ve had to get in that space of, “Oh, I have to make a decision anyways,” which already is so uncomfortable for me because I’m go-with-the-flow with everything. But just being like, what do I really want? What feels good for me and for Dylan and just our guests? What would young 14-year-old Hannah actually think? That’s the easiest way for me to do it because I feel like these days I’m just so comparing everything and like, no. As long as it’s fun and it feels like me, then that’s I think most important.

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