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The Ideal First Date For Your Zodiac Sign (That Isn’t Corny Or Lame)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but dating is hard. First, you have to sort (aka swipe) through all of the less-than-impressive options to find a person you might be interested in having a conversation with, then you have to figure out the ideal venue for said conversation to take place. A restaurant? A bar? A sunset walk in the park? The options are endless, and one person’s perfect date can be another person’s literal nightmare. 

That’s where your zodiac sign comes in. We’ve compiled a list of perfect date nights for each sign, so you don’t have to worry about figuring out WTF to do once you’ve actually agreed to go out. Finding someone you actually want to spend time with, however, is another story…

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Aries: A Walk-and-Talk

Activity-obsessed Aries is the type of freak that would literally go on a date to a rock climbing gym if they could, but assuming you don’t want your prospective partner to run, screaming for the hills, a walk in the park is a good alternative. (Unless, of course, you’re dating another Aries, in which case, climb away.) Your sign hates staying stagnant and finds conversations over dinner to be a bore. Your perfect date night involves hopping around to multiple locations and really getting to see your date in action. You’re much more likely to fall in love on the move than you are staring across a candle-lit dinner. Plus, it’s easier to run if things go south. 

Taurus: A Fancy-Ass Restaurant

Some people call Tauruses materialists – to which you say, “What’s wrong with that?” A Taurus’ ideal date involves two things: food and luxury. You want to know that your date has the palate to accompany you on all of your foodie adventures, and the checking account balance to foot the bill. (Because let’s be honest, you want them to pay on the first date.) Nothing dazzles Taurus more than a prospective partner who can magically get them a last-minute reservation at the hottest spot in town – bonus points if they know the owner. As a reward, your date can look forward to some of Taurus’ legendary boudoir skills. Once you’re done digesting, of course. 

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Gemini: A Social Event

Social Gemini never really likes to be around just one person, plus concrete plans tend to give you the ick. Instead, you’d much rather make vague plans to meet up at a friend’s birthday party or cool event, then dazzle them with your ability to hold multiple conversations at once. Your notorious flirtation skills are never more on point than when you’re in a crowded room. If your date proves they can hold their own in a high-volume social situation, you’ll make eye contact from across the room and give them your signature “it’s on” look. If not, you’ll Irish goodbye and never see them again. It’s the Gemini way. 

Cancer: Netflix and Chill

Okay, hear us out. “Netflix and chill” tends to get a bad rep, but for homebody Cancer, it’s actually the perfect date. When you get to know someone, you want to do it in a place where you feel comfortable. Cancers love to go deep and get emotional, and being in your own private space makes that a whole lot easier than if you’re at a crowded bar. You love nothing more than to show off your cooking skills then curl up on the couch with a slightly emotional movie and watch how they react. If tears are shed, they’re a keeper. If not, you won’t have to worry about calling yourself an Uber once the movie is done. 

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Leo: A Concert

If a Leo is getting all dressed up — which you obviously are — you’re gonna want to be seen by a lot more people than just whoever happens to be seated in the booth nearby. You live for the limelight and your ultimate date is one spent out on the town, preferably surrounded by hoards of adoring fans — yours, or someone else’s. A concert date is perfect for you because you can see how well your potential partner performs in a high energy social situation, and whether or not they can keep up with your ultimate extrovert vibes. (An ability to take photos with good lighting at your preferred angle is also a plus.) If they can hang, then you’ll happily allow them to accompany you to more events going forward. If they can’t, then at least you got to see the show. 

Virgo: Museum Date

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat — Virgo’s ideal date is one that’s planned entirely by Virgo. As to Zodiac’s pickiest sign, you simply do not trust a near stranger to put together an enjoyable evening, particularly if you’ve already had to overlook the grammatical errors in their dating app profile. Virgos are natural introverts who love clean, well-planned environments without a ton of ruckus. A museum date is perfect because you can engage in light, intellectually-focused conversation with your date without having to feel like you need to scream over a loud bar. Plus, a museum is the perfect place for you to put your analytical brain to good use and see if your potential partner can keep up. 

Libra: Sunset Picnic in the Park

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Beauty-loving Libras are all about vibes. Your ideal date is one where you can not only enjoy your date’s company but also your surroundings. A sunset picnic in your favorite park is the perfect place to get you into a romantic mood, the more picturesque, the better. If your date can get on board with the aesthetics by providing the perfect gingham blanket and a well thought-out cheese board, you’ll know they have what it takes to accompany you on your high-vibe life. Someone who can’t appreciate a good cheese board certainly can’t appreciate you. 

Scorpio: Clubbing

Scorpios are basically nightlife personified, so your ultimate date is one that starts at an hour most people are already in bed. The first test for your date will be staying awake. The second will be keeping up. You love to push a person’s buttons and see how far they can go, so you’ll want to see your date in action in all your favorite environments – the line to the club, the dance floor, the bar, the dance floor again. Your perfect partner is someone who can party with you until the sun comes up and never once gets caught yawning. If they make it until the sun comes up, a second date is all but guaranteed. 

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Sagittarius: A Comedy Show

Gregarious Sagittarius loves to laugh, and you want a partner who is ready to hop on your constant joke train. A comedy show is perfect for you because you can get a gauge of your date’s sense of humor, then test out your own material on them over drinks before or after the show. You’re a highly social sign, so you want someone who has no problem being part of a loud, potentially raucous cloud. As an extra test, you can sit right up front and see how they handle it when the comedian asks where they’re from. Anyone who freezes up will never be able to handle life with a Sagittarius – aka the zodiac’s ultimate roastmaster. 

Capricorn: After-Work Drinks

Practical Capricorn doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to dating. Your emotionally guarded sign isn’t about to break the bank on a first date, especially if they haven’t decided whether or not the person will be getting a second. You’re more than happy to meet for a sensible two-hour rendezvous at your favorite reasonably priced cocktail purveyor and assess your level of interest. If your date checks off enough boxes on your extensive list, you’ll schedule a second date at a slightly more elevated establishment. It may not be the height of romance, but it works. 

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Aquarius: Trivia Night

High-minded Aquarius tends to know a little bit about everything, and where better to show that off than a trivia night? The first test for your date will be to see if they’re down to accept your slightly off-beat suggestion, as “slightly-offbeat” is pretty much the Aquarius motto. Your intellectual sign loves learning new things, and trivia is the perfect way for you to learn more about a potential partner’s quirks and niche interests.The moment they laugh at your punny team name suggestion, you’ll know for sure if they’re a keeper.  

Pisces: Paint and Pour

Pisces are the Zodiac’s ultimate artists, and you find nothing more romantic than expressing your creativity. Anyone who is going to make it long-term as a partner for you is going to have to be okay with expressing themselves creatively, whether or not they’re actually any good. For you, it’s the willingness to get in touch with their creative side that counts. A paint and pour is the perfect low-key environment for you to gauge how comfortable your date is to let loose and get in touch with their inner child, all while enjoying some quality vino. Regardless of how well the date goes, you’ll definitely be having fun.

Alise Morales
Alise Morales
Alise Morales is a comedy writer and performer. She is the writer of the Betches Sup Newsletter and co-host of the Betches Sup Podcast.