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Even Celebrities Are Losing Their Minds Over Taylor Swift's New Album

Stars, they’re just like us. At least they are when they’re also absolutely losing their shit over Taylor Swift’s latest musical manifesto like the rest of the girls with sparkle running through their veins. The fact that Selena Gomez is probably sitting in her mansion decoding Matty Healy love songs right now just brings her down to earth a little, you know? It’s safe to assume much of Hollywood is blasting Taylor’s Version in their G-Wagons at this very moment but, still, it’s nice to know who’s a loud and proud Swiftie so everyone can start mentally preparing for who will comprise the legion of A-listers to turn up at Taylor’s next tour.

I mean, Brittany Mahomes, Blake Lively, and Ice Spice are a given as the latest card-carrying members of the Taylor Swift besties club. But I couldn’t help but wonder… is Bill Hader now a citizen pledging his allegiance to Taylor Nation since Bill and Tay’s internet-breaking Golden Globes selfie? Bill, if you’re still trying to figure this whole secret Swiftie language out, don’t worry — the betches got you with this Tortured Poets Department guide for newbies. For now, let’s take a look at all the celebs fangirling over Taylor’s latest album.

Celebs are loving The Tortured Poets Department

Sophie Turner
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Keleigh Teller
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Gracie Abrams
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@chris @Taylor Swift ARE YOU KIDDING ME? #taylorswift #torturedpoetsdepartment ♬ loml – Taylor Swift
@octopusslover8 too stuned to speak @Brett’s Bites @Julia Mervis @Payton #taylorswift #thetorturedpoetsdepartment ♬ original sound – Jake Shane

Rick Ross and Lana Del Rey, what are you doing here?!

Marissa Dow
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