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Who Is Ashley Avignone? I’m Trying to Be The Next Anon Taylor Swift Bestie

Miss Ashley Avignone, Taylor Swift’s mysterious BFF, is seemingly everywhere these days. When she’s not in a luxury suite, cheering on the Guy On The Chiefs at the Super Bowl, she’s grabbing a fancy New York City dinner with Taylor, Cara Delevingne, and Brittany Mahomes. She’s, like, the only girl in Taylor’s inner circle who isn’t a movie star, musician, or married to someone super famous. Despite not fitting the typical description of a Taylor friend, she’s been super close with the icon for many years now. 

This woman is low-key living the dream. Ashley doesn’t have to deal with all the pressures of an intense spotlight, but she gets to have a lot of insanely cool celebrity experiences. Nobody’s hating on her, nobody’s expecting a Grammy-winning album from her… she’s just out here, vibing. Swifties around the world have been dying to know: Who is Ashley? How did she become so close to Taylor? How do we apply for The Relatively Anonymous Taylor Swift Bestie position? I have all the answers you’ve been looking for. 

Where Is Ashley Avignone From?

She grew up in Arizona with Thee Emma Stone, another one of her celeb besties. Casual. Ashley moved to Los Angeles for fashion college and later moved to New York City. 

What Is Ashley Avignone’s Job?


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Taylor’s longtime pal is a stylist and a designer. She dreamed of getting into the industry ever since she was 4 years old and graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles in 2006. In 2019, Ashley told the blog Neely and Chloe that she has a background in traditional styling with a focus on editorial, red carpets, and advertising. She signed with The Wall Group in 2012 and became a lead stylist, dressing celebs. 

Recently, Ashley’s been flexing her design skills. She did a gorge new salon space for Jenna Perry Hair Studio in New York City and shared some photos of it on her Instagram feed, which otherwise consists of photos of her and Taylor and influencer-style solo shots and mirror selfies. She’s posted exactly one TikTok video, which is a promo clip for her partnership with barrière. Slay, honestly. 

How Did Ashley Avignone Become Friends With Taylor?

Ashley Avignone, Taylor Swift, Emma Stone at Easy A premiere
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According to People, Ashley and Taylor met through Emma Stone, who’s been friends with both of them for more than 15 years. They connected at the 2010 premiere of Emma’s movie, Easy A, and platonic sparks flew instantly. Since then, Ashley’s appeared in Taylor’s “22” music video, been invited to the famous July 4 parties, and attended countless dinners and football games with the singer. What I would’ve done to be at the damn premiere…

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