UPDATED: An Investigation Into Hannah Ann's Most Random Modeling Jobs

We’re still several weeks away from finding out who wins this season of The Bachelor, but we all know that Peter’s heart isn’t the only prize at stake. Arguably, the more important competition is for who can get the most Instagram followers and endorsement deals, because we know none of these women ever want to have real jobs again. From day one of the season, Hannah Ann has been an early frontrunner for Bachelor Nation’s Next Top Influencer, winning the first impression rose and the Revolve modeling competition. Lol, I still can’t believe that’s an actual thing that happened on The Bachelor. 

But, as we’ve talked about before, Hannah Ann came onto the show with some major connections already. Of course, she’s been friends with Hannah Godwin and Caelynn Miller-Keyes for years, but she’s also had a lot of experience in the modeling industry. In my previous article about her, I shouted out her prestigious work modeling for a Downy bottle, and I’ll include that again for your viewing pleasure:

A classic, truly, it never gets old. But in the past few weeks, Hannah Ann’s past modeling work has been popping up all over the Internet, and it’s all just so special. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of Hannah Ann’s pre-Bachelor career.

The true inspiration for this article came last night, when I was lying in bed mindlessly watching Instagram stories, and I stumbled upon a true Hannah Ann gem (shout out to Slutty Puffin). Right there on Amazon is our girl modeling for Spanx! Good for her!! She actually modeled both the nude and the black versions of this bodysuit, in case you want to see which color suits her better.

Seeing Hannah Ann’s face on Amazon piqued my curiosity, so I did some digging, and found lots more gold where the Spanx bodysuit came from. It’s really hard to choose a favorite job of hers, but an early contender is her starring role in a country music video. But it’s not a video for just any country singer—it’s Chris Lane, who just so happens to be married to former Bachelor contestant Lauren Bushnell. Call me Marie Kondo, because I love mess.

In the video, Hannah Ann plays the classic girl at the bar all alone, who blows Chris off at first before ultimately running off to dance with him in some kind of dark field. I would make fun of that plotline, but it’s decidedly more relatable than I would like to admit. At the end of the video, a cop car rolls up, and the cop turns out to be Hannah Ann’s dad. He makes her leave, acting like Chris Lane is about to murder her, and she says something about how it’s a small town, so they’ll probably see each other again. I gotta say, Hannah Ann’s acting in the video is… less than good, but it’s still a must-watch.

When I watched the video, my first question was whether Chris and Hannah Ann ever hooked up, but I doubt they did for a couple reasons. First, the video was released in late 2018, and Chris was already with Lauren by that point. But the more compelling reason is that if anything happened, you know the Bachelor producers would’ve been all over that sh*t. Picture a Victoria/Chase Rice situation, except they would also bring Lauren on to fight with Hannah Ann. Am I the only one kind of wishing this would happen? As I said before, I love mess.

Lucky for us, Hannah Ann has posted on Instagram about some of her past modeling gigs, and she didn’t go back and delete all her old posts. Thanks, girl! Three full years ago, she modeled for a Sonic Drive-In campaign, and I really just love how pure this photo is. Like, you know the Sonic ad team wanted a wholesome-looking white girl who would appeal to all the Republicans in middle America, and Hannah Ann was a perfect fit! I’m not sure how the binoculars fit into the fast food vibe, but whatever.

But I really think my favorite past gig of Hannah Ann’s is being the cover model for a YA book about cheerleading. The book is listed on Amazon as a 7th grade reading level, but I just got done watching Cheer on Netflix, so I really might have to order this. Turn It Up was released way back in 2014, which means that Hannah Ann was like, 17 years old when this picture was taken, so like, props to her for getting an early start in the industry.

Hannah Ann also posted a throwback behind the scenes video of the cover shoot, and I really can’t believe we’re so lucky to have this footage available on the internet. Emily is the name of the character in the book, by the way, so Hannah Ann doesn’t have a teenage cheerleader alter ego.

Hannah Ann Sluss is a star, there’s no doubt about it. We’re only four weeks into The Bachelor, and she already has 0ver 400,000 followers, so the world really is her oyster. Whether or not she makes it to the end, she already got what she came for. In terms of her modeling career, I have a feeling she’ll be leaning more into doing Revolve ads than getting back to her roots of detergent bottles and fast food ads, but at least we have these past moments to look back on. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go order that cheerleading book ASAP.

UPDATE: Hannah Ann is still going strong on this season of The Bachelor, and random evidence of her modeling work is still popping up literally everywhere. Today, a good samaritan of Instagram slid into my DMs with what is already one of my new favorite Hannah Ann moments. Spotted out in the wild at a CVS, here’s Hannah Ann modeling for Foster Grant sunglasses. Truly, good for her. They don’t put just anyone on those spinny CVS sunglass holders, so I’m sure this job was a really big moment for her.

UPDATE 2: I’m so glad we’re all in this together, fam. This morning, my inbox was graced with some prime Hannah Ann content (sent to my by @laciehulse, you’re a real one!), because the limit on Hannah Ann’s random modeling jobs clearly does not exist.

Today’s Hannah Ann goodness comes in the form of a Facebook ad for Lull mattresses, and it features our girl on what might just be the saddest-looking bed I’ve ever seen. It’s decorated for President’s Day, meaning there’s an American flag on an otherwise bare wall, a red fuzzy blanket, and some half-full balloons that look like they’re left over from Fourth of July. Decorating for President’s Day isn’t even really a thing, and this display is just tragic. But still, I’m glad this holiday presented another opportunity for Hannah Ann to get a check.

UPDATE 3: Wow, what a week this has been. In the past three days, four people have slid into my DMs with their Hannah Annvidence, and my heart has never been so full. For today’s update, we have two additions to the Hannah Ann case file, so let’s get started.

First, from @ceeecillle, we have fitness some content! Here’s our gal H.A. modeling on the package for GAIAM resistance bands, which she shows off in both a blue and purple top. Love that versatility! Hannah Ann is so good at looking focused on the task at hand, even if there’s no chance she was actually working out here. I hope they gave her some free resistance bands on top of whatever she got paid, because we all know the best part of modeling is the free stuff you get to take home.

Next up, we’ve got some modeling work that’s right up the alley of many former Bachelor contestants: taking Instagram pics for a random online boutique! The lovely @emily_dory sent me the profile of Closet Candy Boutique, and Hannah Ann is literally all over their page. They’re loving her run on The Bachelor, and they’ve posted three photos of her just in the last 24 hours. Here’s one of her wearing one of the most basic outfits ever—love that I can see the dirty bottom of her shoes!

Upon further research, not only is Hannah Ann a big presence on Closet Candy’s Instagram, but she’s also a featured model on their website! This might not be the cover of Vogue, but Hannah is out here booking! those! jobs!!! Here’s a whole page of JUST Hannah Ann looking great in some reasonably priced casual wear! She can really do everything.

UPDATE 4: Hello, and welcome back to our regularly scheduled update on Hannah Ann’s modeling career. Hannah Ann has officially made it to hometowns, and we’re not done with the Hannah Ann modeling case file. Today’s new piece of Hannah Annvidence (thanks to @audrasnyder) might just be the most random yet, which is really saying something. Close your eyes and go with me to Nashville, Tennessee, home of hot chicken, honky tonk, and Hannah Ann’s face on a menu.

I didn’t even know menu models were a thing, but leave it to Hannah Ann to break into sectors of the industry that we didn’t even know existed. A trailblazer, really. This is the drink menu for Nudie’s honky tonk bar, and while I prefer the IRL evidence, you can also see her smiling face on the Nudie’s website. I hope she got paid double for doing print and digital!

UPDATE 5: Hey again! If you’re wondering, yes, I live here now. Talking about Hannah Ann (and Victoria F) is my full-time job, and I’ve let all other responsibilities in my life fall by the wayside. Sorry to all the bills I haven’t paid because I have to monitor my DMs 24/7.

Over the weekend, I got a lovely little piece of Hannah Annvidence from the hilarious @hoegivesnofucks, who posts amazing memes and has over a million IG followers. We’ve started a movement here, and the Hannah Ann revolution cannot be stopped. Or like, her modeling career can’t be stopped. I might be taking this too seriously. Our newest Hannah Ann goodness is a video montage of her in Miami, modeling for a boutique.

We see her in many outfits in the quick clip, mostly looking straight into the camera with her piercing green eyes. Honestly, I get why Peter has kept her around this long, she looks amazing. The music in the video is the exact kind of soft, lyric-less EDM you would expect, and it actually seems really well-produced. Boutique modeling is obviously Hannah Ann’s bread and butter, and I can see why she’s in such high demand. You go, Glen Coco!

UPDATE 6: With today’s update, I think we may have officially reached peak craziness for Hannah Ann content. I know I said the random Nashville menu was wild, but that was before I saw this. Today’s Hannah Annvidence comes from @tiffanyrose.kinsey on Instagram, and I am so, so, SO grateful. Buckle up, because I’m proud to present Hannah Ann the quinceañera model:

When I saw this photo, I nearly fell out of my chair. It is… so many things. First of all, if you’re unfamiliar, a quinceañera is the celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday. It’s a huge tradition in Mexico and other Latin American countries—think of it like a sweet 16 party, but with church first. Quinceañera dresses are usually red, and like, f*cking huge.

I have to say, Hannah Ann seems like an odd choice for this gig. Like, imagine booking someone named “Hannah Ann Sluss” for your quinceañera modeling gig—what kind of white nonsense is this? In this second photo, it reallyyyyy looks like Hannah Ann got a deep spray tan for this job, and to that I say, yikes. I would really love if she showed up in this dress to fantasy suites, just to see the look on Peter’s face. Don’t let us down, Han!

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It’s FriYay 💕

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UPDATE 7: Did you think we were done with this? Not a chance! At this point, I’m convinced that we’ll never run out of Hannah Ann modeling jobs to talk about, and I’m not complaining. Today, @shedabbles was just minding her own business, shopping for a new swimsuit on, when she stumbled upon the one and only Hannah Ann. She really has a way of coming about when you least expect her.

Quinceañera dresses and swimsuits??? Get you a girl who can do both. I’m not sure I’m a fan of this actual swimsuit, but Hannah Ann looks good. Bonus points if she busts this one out during the Bachelor finale!

If you see more of Hannah Ann’s work, either on the internet or IRL, please don’t hesitate to send it my way, because documenting her modeling career is now my primary purpose in life. What a time to be alive!

Images: ABC; Amazon (3), hannahann_sluss (2), laciehulse, ceeecillle, audrasnyder / Instagram

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