Your 2020 Cuffing Season Horoscopes

Cuffing season is always a stressful time of year when it comes to dating, but this year, it has a whole new vibe. Normally, we’d be looking for someone to snuggle up and binge-watch Netflix with, get us a holiday gift, and ultimately buy us dinner next Valentine’s Day. But the dating game has different rules in 2020, and whoever you cuff this year might end up never leaving your apartment. Literally. So we have to choose wisely.

To handle the added uncertainty that is 2020, we’re pulling out the big guns of prediction: Astrology AND Tarot. Both are impactful for predicting energy patterns, and they’re even more powerful when used together. For this year’s cuffing season horoscopes, we’re including Astro-Tarot archetypes, and to get the full picture, you’ll want to check your sun, moon, and Venus signs. It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s worth it. Your sun sign is your basic identity—how most friends (and more importantly, people you’re newly dating) would describe you. The moon sign gives insight into how you’re feeling on a moment-to-moment basis, and how you show up in a committed relationship. And last but not least, your Venus sign represents how you fall in love, show love, and what you’re generally attracted to. So if you’re trying to make plans for cuffing season and ignoring your Venus sign, that’s a big f*cking mistake. Check all your signs, and let’s get into it.


Venus moves into your sign early October, meaning you’ll be looking for something serious—f*ckboys need not apply. A strong but silent Water sign (King of Cups) will be in your orbit, and you should let yourself take on their emo vibes. If you’re in a relationship, hold that space for your partner’s feelings. As frustrating as it is for all the attention to be on someone else, it will pay off in the long run.


The sun is in your sign for most of October, giving you the boost you’ll need to attack this whole ~dating in a pandemic~ thing. An otherwise elusive Scorpio may catch your eye (Death), giving you the most sexual cuffing season of your goddamn life. Go off sis! If you find yourself feeling attached, embrace it. Put on your favorite sex playlist and clear your schedule—get ready to be reborn. 


The sun enters your sign at the end of October, so give yourself time to make a wise selection. Emotional depth will certainly be needed for the cold winter months, so don’t text your ex you will want to couple up with a caring Water sign like yourself (Queen of Cups). To avoid drowning in a sea of emotions, though (as water signs tend to do), try to find a partner with a more balanced chart (i.e. including earth, fire, or air elements). If you’re worried about asking too many questions, the good news is that your ideal match is probably already on Co-Star. If things go well, you’ll likely see the softer side of your partner pretty quickly.


Your ruler of Jupiter will trine Venus mid-October. Translation: you’ll be feeling yourself. That means it’ll be the perfect time to showcase your natural charm and lock down a cuffing season relationship. The problem is, you’re f*cking magnetic (Wheel of Fortune) right now, and things might spin out of control. You might find yourself drinking too much, eating too much, and ultimately spending too much. It’ll be a lot of fun, but you might want to rein it in (or don’t). It’s 2020, who cares?


You’re pretty comfortable alone, which is why it will be surprising to most when you you are overcome with passion this cuffing season (Queen of Wands). With this type of magnetism going on, you could easily be attracted to someone who’s not your usual type, so keep an open mind. Start off with a zoom date and prepare to be swept off your feet (or, probably more accurately, desk). If you’re already in a relationship, your partner will enjoy your spontaneous romantic side. 


Venus in practical Virgo has you thinking: if it’s not perfect, I’m not interested. And you know what? That’s okay. Wait for Venus to move into harmonious Libra at the end of October, and the desirable matches will start flooding in. If currently cuffed, your partner may notice a more practical, self-actualizing streak in you (The Hermit). This would be an ideal time to talk about the non-sexy stuff (finances, chores, etc.) It’s not fun, but you can’t avoid it forever.


You want a partner you can dream with—someone who won’t make you feel weird for sleeping with socks on (or whatever your quirk may be). Life is a romantic comedy in your head, and it’s time to find someone with a matching energy (The Fool). You know you can be a lot, so try to work in a little bit of the aspirational talk to see who responds well and who rolls their eyes. Keep in mind, just because he’s hot doesn’t mean he’s right for you. If you’re coupled up, you may take a leap of faith with your partner. 


Cuffing season has never really been your thing, but this year you’ve realized that making your house a home has more advantages than you realized (Queen of Pentacles). If you’re already coupled up, you’ll be feeling more domestic than ever, but if you’re single, don’t stress. Your ruling planet will be in retrograde the first half of this season, so you’ll feel more comfortable taking a passive approach to dating. If it happens, it happens. For the first time in like, ever, this season is refreshing for you, so just enjoy the ride. 


Uranus is still in your sign, where it squares the sun in Scorpio on the last day of October. What does that mean? Big changes. I know any change bigger than subbing oat milk instead of almond is uncomfortable for you, but you’ll be meeting someone to help you through this period of flux. Be on the lookout for someone independent and strong, who has the potential to be a ride or die, bringing deep, passionate, and stable love. If attached, you and your partner may talk about buying assets together, like a house or a car, to go the distance (The Chariot). Look at you being an adult! 


Witty banter is the quickest way to your heart. A vibrant Air sign (Knight of Swords) will catch your fancy this season. Who better to make it through your Netflix list with? You’ll have some amazing conversations about a wide range of topics, but remember, you’re not creating a podcast with this person… this is supposed to be romance. Find an Air sign with some stability and emotional depth too (Water or Earth placements). If you’re partnered, play mind games, like puzzles and sh*t. 


Even after six months of quarantine, spending time at home is still exciting for you—you love making a home. But this cuffing season will hit different, because you’ve got motherhood on the brain (The Empress). If you’re already partnered up and this is realistic for you, get busy! If not, start thinking about future plans, and make sure you cover the future family convo pretty early in any new relationship. Obviously not on the first date, but you don’t want to waste too much time with someone who still thinks Saturdays are for the boys.


Alas, Leo season is gone, not to come back for a whole year. While the world has moved on, you need a partner who will still give you the attention you need. Try an eternal optimist, like a Pisces (Knight of Cups). They may or may not be who you would usually go for, but they’ll be able to bring your soul to a new level and help you stay positive about this sh*tty year. If you’re in a relationship, make sure to bring spirituality into your conversations this season, whatever that means to you. 

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Alex Caiola
Alex Caiola
Alex founded High Priestess of Brooklyn with the mission of helping people achieve Modern Enlightenment. She uses a unique blend of Astrology and Tarot to deliver practical psychic guidance you can use at major life crossroads and every intersection in between. Think: your own Cosmic Google Maps. Her work has been featured in Well + Good, Bustle, Betches, Sporteluxe, Inscape, and more. You can expect New and Full Moon forecasts and evergreen spiritual wellness topics via her podcast, Priestesses Prescribe.