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Here Are The Chances Stassi Makes An Appearance On 'The Valley'

The latest but not the last Vanderpump Rules spinoff is here and it feels like old times: Kristen is crying about her latest soulmate, Jax is causing chaos in his friends’ lives for sport, and Brittany is clocking in full-time to sugarcoat his mistakes. But watching our elderly villains repeat old mistakes, now with toddlers in tow, is making us wonder a la Carrie Bradshaw… where the fuck is Stassi Schroeder? It’s not like anyone could forget her not-so-grateful (to put it lightly) exit from the series, but let the VPR alum who has not created a PR crisis cast the first stone. Jax is out here terrorizing folks and some of us are old enough to remember there was only ever one betch betchy enough to stop him. So will Stassi be on The Valley or nah? Let’s discuss.

Will Stassi Be On The Valley?


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When whispers of The Valley crept into the Bravoverse, it was natural to assume that all of the main troublemakers who ditched West Hollywood for houses in (or more accurately adjacent to) the hills would partake. But when Bravo dropped the official announcement back in January, there was no Stassi in sight.

With fans and foes alike dying to know why the retired dark passenger wasn’t a part of the new series, Jeff Lewis addressed the situation during Stassi’s recent appearance on his radio show Jeff Lewis Live. After briefly blaming Bravo execs for excluding Stassi intentionally, the Straight Up With Stassi podcast host clarified that “it’s not Bravo’s fault” because she turned the show down. Why? When Stassi was asked to partake in filming promo materials to get the network on board, she felt too strongly that the show “wouldn’t be a reflection of what [her] reality is.” She goes on to say she’s not close with the group as a whole anymore, though some of the new cast members seem to have her vote of approval.

Where Is Stassi Schroeder Now?

Translation: Stassi, Kristen, and Brittany (along with Katie) are no longer the white girl wasted tidal wave that once ripped through Lisa’s restaurants for all those years. Considering the Witch of Weho is now a mother of two, growing up is definitely a good thing (and something most of her former co-stars can’t say for themselves). There appears to be no bad blood from The Valley crew however, with Brittany and Jax telling Access Hollywood despite previous falling outs how much they love and miss Stassi even if this show wasn’t a good fit.

That said, it feels highly unlikely that Stassi and Beau would take Jax up on their offer to break bread at Jax’s new sports bar anytime soon (where they are throwing Tuesday night watch parties with a side beer cheese). The door does seem cracked open enough that an appearance at a future Valley neighborhood get-together, perhaps, doesn’t feel entirely out of the question.

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