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Why Are Rachel Lindsay And Bryan Abasolo Getting A Divorce?

WTF?! We’ve been in the year 2024 for about 30 seconds and a celebrity couple is already splitting. Bachelorette alum Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are getting divorced, according to Page Six. The chiropractor filed court docs on Tuesday, January 2, listing their date of separation as December 31, 2023. UHH, Happy New Year, I guess?

According to the docs obtained by Page Six, Bryan cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split and is requesting spousal support, despite not sharing any children.

What Did Bryan Abasolo Say About Divorcing Rachel Lindsay?

Bryan broke his silence in a statement on Instagram feed (CLASSIC MOVE!) writing, “If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I don’t like to put my personal affairs on social media and like to keep a safe space for our family. Many of you know me as a chiropractor, and also as a husband, my proudest role so far. After more than 4 years of marriage, Rachel and I have made the difficult decision to part ways and start anew. My parents have been married forever and I’m a family man, but sometimes loving yourself and your partner means you must let go. I wanted you to hear it from the source before the blogs start making up their own reality. Please respect the spaces of our family and friends as we figure out next steps.”

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IDK what is more shocking — the fact that they split or that Bryan thinks we all know him as a chiropractor.

When Did Rachel and Bryan Get Married?

The Bachelorette couple got married in August 2019 after falling in love and getting engaged on her season of the ABC show. The news is def unexpected for Bachelor Nation, considering Rachel gushed about expanding their family just a month ago.

“It’s something that we want,” Rachel told E! News on November 9, 2023. “It’s been harder than I thought it would be. We’re trying. You think, ‘Oh yeah, when I’m ready, I’ll make it happen.’ But it’s just been a little bit more difficult for us. But we’re definitely starting the process.”

Bryan and Rachel have kept their relationship pretty low-key in 2023. The last time Bryan posted about her was during Halloween when he showed off their couple’s costume. He also celebrated their anniversary in August, writing, “This is 4” on a pic of them at the beach. Minus that, 99 percent of his account is shirtless fitness inspo pics and back adjustments lol.

So Why Are Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo Divorcing?

Apparently Rachel hinted there was trouble in paradise just a week ago when she appeared on the “Viall Files” podcast, noting that they have been living “totally different lives” due to their different occupations. Bryan apparently works 12-hour days alone while she has a lot more “free time.”

 “So, we’re just in two totally different places,” she explained, adding that they’ve tried to work it out but it hasn’t been successful. “You gotta protect the marriage and we just don’t work well together,” she said. “Not every couple can do that.”

Ugh, Peter Kraus would never. </3

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