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Rachel And Bryan Are Divorcing, So Obviously We're Looking Into Peter Kraus' Current Dating Life

There was a rare time in 2017 when the internet was a united front. Rachel Lindsay chose Bryan Abasolo over Peter Kraus on The Bachelorette season 13 and absolutely no one was happy about it. Rachel and Bryan did get married in 2019, so I guess they were happy about it… at the time. On January 1, 2024, Rachel and Bryan announced their divorce (along with some icky details about it, but more on that in a sec!). Naturally, everyone’s got one question on their minds: Is Peter Kraus single? Might they rekindle? Because he sure as hell would not be asking Rachel for (spoiler alert) spousal support.

The short answer is: We don’t technically know. But I’ve happily done as much internet sleuthing as humanly possible to get the closest thing to a concrete answer.

So… Is Pete Kraus Single?


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If we’re strictly going off of his social media, yes! He is defo single. Are most of his posts work-related with a few random pencil drawings (that are low-key really good) thrown in? Sure. But I see no signs of romantic life. Same goes for his tagged pictures. Ya ya ya, it’s entirely possible that he’s choosing to keep his private life private, as rude as that sounds, but I can only go off of what I’ve got.

Why Did Rachel And Bryan Move To Splitsville, USA?

We got a small hint about their impending divorce when Rachel went on  the “Viall Files” podcast in late December. She said that she and Bryan have living “totally different lives” due to their busy work schedules. Bryan apparently works 12-hour days alone while she has a lot more “free time.”

Bryan was the one who filed for divorce, and the one who broke the news on Instagram, writing, “If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I don’t like to put my personal affairs on social media and like to keep a safe space for our family. Many of you know me as a chiropractor, and also as a husband, my proudest role so far. After more than 4 years of marriage, Rachel and I have made the difficult decision to part ways and start anew. My parents have been married forever and I’m a family man, but sometimes loving yourself and your partner means you must let go. I wanted you to hear it from the source before the blogs start making up their own reality. Please respect the spaces of our family and friends as we figure out next steps.”

Literally “many of you know me as a chiropractor” is my favorite line in any divorce announcement ever. It’s important to note that Rachel and Bryan don’t have kids and yet he’s asking for spousal support. Guess the chiropractor business is giving him what he needs… despite being so well known for it.

Here’s hoping Peter is somewhere in Rachel’s DMs now and she’s looking up flights to Wisconsin. Go badgers!

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Steph Perlman
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