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Who TF Did Reesa Teesa Marry? A Breakdown Of TikTok's Latest Reality TV Series

Step aside, Bachelor and Real Housewives, the latest viral reality TV is actually on TikTok. In a 50-part series dubbed, “Who TF Did I Marry,” TikTok user @ReesaMTeesa shared her story of an alleged turbulent relationship with a “pathological liar.” Since she released the first video on Valentine’s Day, the entire internet has been begging for a limited series release, even going so far as sharing their votes for casting. With over eight hours of content, I’ll save you the time and break down all you need to know about “Who TF Did I Marry” by Reesa Teesa.

Who Is Reesa Teesa?

@betches My entire FYP is Reesa Teesa…anyone else? 👀 #reesateesa #whotfdidimarry #pathologicalliar #whotfdidimarryseriesstory #chronicallyonline ♬ original sound – Betches

Reesa Teesa went viral after sharing her 50-part series “Who TF Did I Marry?” on TikTok. She dropped her first video on Valentine’s Day with “[This is] the story of how I met, dated, married and divorced a real pathological liar.” Damn, does this woman know how to create a hook!

Who Is Legion? 

@betches Replying to @EmiliedClarke Y’all asked for a part 2 of the Reesa Teesa “Who TF Dod I Marry?” series…so of course we got you🤗 #reesateesa #whotfdidimarry #pathologicalliar #whotfdidimarryseriesstory #chronicallyonline ♬ original sound – Betches

When Reesa started dating Legion, she thought he was a big family guy. The partner of her dreams! Unfortunately, she claims none of this was true. Instead, he was the “United Nation of reg flags.” In an effort to protect her ex-husband’s privacy, Reesa selected the pseudonym Legion to share her story. The reasoning behind it? Legion is a biblical reference to a man possessed by demons. (Lol.)

“Who TF Did I Marry” Accusations Explained: 

@betches Replying to @Tinakala😇. …. Part 3 of the Reesa Teesa’s “Who TF Did I Marry?” series is here🚨 #reesateesa #whotfdidimarry #pathologicalliar #whotfdidimarryseriesstory #chronicallyonline ♬ original sound – Betches

In 2020 (yes, that 2020), Reesa said she met Legion on a Facebook dating app after he moved from California to Atlanta following a divorce. When he met Reesa, he allegedly told her he was a vice president of a condiment company and seemed pretty stable. According to Reesa’s story, the two moved in together after a short dating period (apparently straight people UHaul too). During this courtship, Reesa said Legion paid the majority of the bills, went to work during regular business hours, and spent hours on the phone every day with “family or employees.”

The red flags started showing when they tried to buy a home together. Reesa alleges that Legion was unable to show proof of his financial accounts to the sellers. It was around this time Reesa said Legion started to travel more for work and wasn’t there to support her through a miscarriage. Despite this, the two got married in 2021.

Then, Reesa applied for a new job and during a routine background check, she claims she learned that the social security number Legion gave her didn’t match the one on their marriage license. That’s when things got WILD! Secrets were revealed!! Lives were changed!!! Reesa claims Legion was lying about everything. Allegedly, he hadn’t lived in California, he had been married more than once, he wasn’t on speaking terms with his family (and had two siblings instead of five?!), and he worked at a temp company as a forklift driver — not a VP of a big corporation! Reesa claims he even went so far as to lie about her miscarriage, telling others that they shared a baby together. The fuck?! Less than half a year later, Reesa said they were divorced.

Lifetime needs to go ahead and contact her because we NEED this limited series. Tune into tomorrow’s episode of Pop Crime for all of the details we may have missed.

Melanie Whyte
Melanie Whyte
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