Pop Crime

Pop Crime
If your idea of a fun Friday night includes pouring over #FreeBritney testimonies, reciting Alexis Neiers’ phone call to Nancy Jo from memory, and checking in on Carole Baskin’s wiki page for the 4,327th time, then Pop Crime is the show for you. In this new podcast from Betches Media, host Kiki Monique is combining her two true loves – pop culture and true crime – into a cocktail of scandalous storytelling. Each week, she makes sense of the messiest celebrity legal drama, infamous crimes of the past, and dirty deeds of the rich and famous so you have something to talk about at your next happy hour… or at least a new wikipedia page to bookmark.

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Kiki Monique
Kiki Monique, also known as @thetalkofshame on her popular social media accounts, is a content creator & host of the Pop Crime podcast from Betches Media. Her love of tv & trends combined with her spicy blend of lifestyle & pop culture, became her signature style online. Known on TikTok and Instagram for her deep-dive explainer videos, Kiki is perfectly positioned to bring a sense of fun and flair to the true crime genre.