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Everything You Really Should Know About Beyoncé's Bodyguard, Julius

Okay, Cowboy Carter has been out for exactly three days now, and I’ve played “BODYGUARD” approximately 3,062 times. Don’t get me wrong: I’m living for the super country songs like “LEVII’S JEANS” (Ariana, what are you doing here? @Post Malone) and “ALLIGATOR TEARS,” but I’m literally addicted to the sultry, playful “BODYGUARD” vibes. “I give you kisses in the backseat / I whisper secrets in the backbeat,” Beyoncé croons. Chills.

Immediately after hearing the song for the first time, I had the same reaction that any serious investigative journalist would have — I wondered about the subject of the lyrics. As you may know, the icon’s sometimes-messy husband, Jay-Z, is a rapper, not a bodyguard. And in fact, she does have a stunning bodyguard named Julius de Boer, who I stan. Some chronically online folks have carefully observed Julius and his relationship with Beyoncé over the years, and they now have questions about “BODYGUARD.” So, who is Julius and is “BODYGUARD” about him? Let’s get into it.

Julius Has Been Beyoncé’s Bodyguard For More Than 15 Years


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♬ BODYGUARD – Beyoncé

Yeah, “goals” is an understatement. Beyoncé and Jay-Z reportedly hired Julius around 2008 or 2009, and he’s been working for them ever since. He’s at Beyoncé’s side whether she’s appearing at a work event (award shows, fashion shows, etc.) or just enjoying her own personal outings. Basically, where there’s a Beyoncé, there’s a Julius. And where there’s a Beyoncé concert, there’s me if I ignore all financial advice.

He Runs His Own International Security Firm

Obviously, Queen Bey doesn’t hire just anyone. This king is also an impressive entrepreneur. He founded his own international security firm, De Boer Global, when he was just 24. The company has offices all over the world in cities including New York, and London. Well, fuck. I am 24 and have exactly zero companies to my name.

The Beyhive Loves Julius


I know didnt no body say anything on that lil headset. #renaissanceworldtour #brussels

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Something tells me that Julius never dreamed of going viral on TikTok, but he didn’t have much of a choice. Fans at the Renaissance Tour shrieked his name when they saw him and captured the hilarious moment in a TikTok video. In response, he just adjusted his ear monitor and then exchanged looks with Beyoncé, who looked confused, but also low-key amused. You can kinda see chemistry between them…

TikTokers Think Beyoncé’s Song “BODYGUARD” Is About Julius


Beyoncé & Julius are not escaping these rumours I fear #cowboycarter #beyonce #bodyguard

♬ BODYGUARD – Beyoncé

I didn’t say it… but the streets (TikTokers) are saying that Bey’s muse for “BODYGUARD” was not her husband of 20 years. They suspect that there’s something going on between the superstar and her gorgeous employee and that she’s writing sexy love songs about him. I mean, anything’s possible. Personally, I support women’s rights, women’s wrongs, and literally anything Beyoncé does. FYI, there is no evidence to support this theory, but is there ever legit evidence to support any fun fan theories?

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