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Beyoncé Said "Drop The New Music" And We're Ready For It

Nobody panic! Beyoncé is giving us a new country album. We were still recovering from Usher’s halftime performance when the queen teased us with the details in a Verizon commercial during the Super Bowl, so of course the internet exploded. And before we could catch our breath, she dropped two new tracks!! My trust issues have been activated so I plan on spending the rest of the night refreshing her Instagram because I have no life. (She’s already updated her profile pic to a blonde bob which means I’m about to make a very bad decision.) From the album drop date to music video details and more, here’s what we know so far after a very aggressive deep-dive into her website.

Is Beyoncé Dropping New Music? 

According to gossip site Deuxmoi, there were rumors Beyoncé was dropping an album and announcing a new tour soon. However, it wasn’t until the Super Bowl when the queen made a hint during her Verizon ad with the simple line: “Drop the new music,” that the internet truly suspected an album was imminent. Thank gawd we were right! Beyoncé confirmed the news by dropping a teaser on her Instagram. AND has already released the first two songs. Phew! And here I was worried I’d have to stay up past my bedtime to listen to the new tracks.


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Beyoncé “Act II” Album Details

The new album, “Act II” will drop March 29. For those paying attention to Beyoncé’s Grammys outfit, you probably weren’t surprised to discover this album is full-on country. On the night of the Super Bowl, she released two tracks: “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages.” Let’s just say, “Texas Hold ‘Em” is giving Beyoncé meets Lumineers. (In a good way!) One thing I know for sure, Beyoncé is gonna have me in a boots and a cowboy hat this summer.

Melanie Whyte
Melanie Whyte
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