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We Found A Dupe For Taylor Swift's Super Bowl Football Purse

Picture this: You’re Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl, and you’re cheering on your boyfriend, Travis Kelce. You just hopped off a plane from Tokyo, where you played a sold-out show on your Eras Tour. Republicans are convinced you’re an operative working for the Democrats in order to swing the election for Joe Biden, and you’ve got a gaggle of your BFFs sitting in your suite — along with Mama Kelce, who is practically your mother-in-law. I ask you, what does Taylor Swift wear to the Super Bowl? (This isn’t an SAT question, I swear.) Apparently, the answer is a novelty bag. And, yes, you too can also buy Taylor’s football purse.

Okay, that isn’t all Taylor wore to the Super Bowl. The superstar opted for a look that was, I’ve got to admit, kinda puzzling. Black denim with a bedazzled cold thigh? I see-through corset top?! Mile-high heels? Tay, babes. If you’re going to be a football wife, we need to have a discussion around practicality. This look would have been better suited for the most recent Grammys, where Taylor Scooped up two awards and announced an album.



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But, she was saved by the football purse, which added the perfect amount of kitsch to this otherwise Super Bowl-inappropriate outfit. It’s the kind of thing high school football player’s mom would wear to homecoming. And if that isn’t the blueprint, what is?

Luckily, we found a few dupes across the Internet, and they are cute! Shop the look below:

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