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'Love Is Blind' Has Me Whipping Out My Credit Card Faster Than Matthew Exiting A Pod

Feels like a bold (and genius) move to premiere Love Is Blind season 6 on Valentine’s Day but TBH, I’m 100% here for it. Whether you’re celebrating with your S/O or binging the entire season on your own it’s a great reason to sit on the couch with a pink pod blanket and finish entire box of chocolates while lamenting about someone else’s life instead of your own.

Speaking of gossiping about other people — I think I may have sustained whiplash from how quickly my opinion of both the trash men AD got stuck with, Clay and Matthew, changed. But, I think something that happened faster was just how promptly I had myself googling, “Where to buy Love Is Blind cups?” or “Are french manicures in style?” because with all those drinks and polished nails I was suddenly in need of both…and, honestly, a new set of false lashes (I want full glam like it’s 2016). So, if you’re going to spend the next week binging the show like me, you might want to take a few notes on where to buy all the trendy and cute shit on Love is Blind.

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Is it just me, or is everyone wearing a one-shouldered dress?

Chelsea from 'Love is Blind' wearing a one shoulder dress
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I’m not going to lie, the Norma Kamali Diana gown has been haunting my dreams considering it felt like every influencer and their mother was wearing it last year. I’m considering this my formal invitation to finally bite the bullet and purchase one for the 4 weddings I have this year.

Norma Kamali Diana Gown

It’s not a season of Love Is Blind without the gold wine glasses

Two women on 'Love Is Blind' laughing with gold wine glasses in their hands.
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Every season I say how classy these wine glasses look and swear I’m going to buy some for my next book club (where we don’t talk about the book and just talk about LIB) — this year is no different except that I actually bought them this time. I’ll hold on the Korbel champagne though, I haven’t had that since I was slapping the bag back in 2015.

Arora Stainless Steel Wine Glass In Gold
 $13.37 (was $17.73)

I’m pretty desperate to cuddle with something, even if it’s a blanket

AD from 'Love Is Blind' in one of the pods on the couch on cuddling with a blanket and a wine glass.
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Clay said it first, this blanket looks comfy AF. IDK if it’s the girlie in me but that fact that it’s pink also struck a cord and I need one immediately. It is the month of love after-all.

Exclusivo Mezcla Fleece Throw Blanket

A personal fan for all my future menty bs

Jessica from 'Love Is Blind' using a personal fan to dry her tears.
Image Credit: NETFLIX

I don’t think anything has been more relatable than Jessica using a personal fan to dry her tears in the second episode. TBH, it made me realize I need one too because frankly, you never know when a panic spiral is going to hit — oh, how I love being a woman.

Gaiatop Mini Portable Fan
 $9.98 (was $17.99)

Can someone please drop AD’s nail and lash routine plz?

AD on 'Love is Blind' staring straight ahead with her hand on her cheek and her manicure showing.
Image Credit: NETFLIX

Admittedly, I’ve been a beauty girlie since the YouTuber days but false lashes have always been pretty intimidating to me. But when I saw how good AD looks with lashes, I knew I needed to give Ardell Wispies (IYKYK) a try. ALSO — press on nails have been trending and I’ve never had a better reason to give them a go.

Ardell False Eyelashes Demi Wispies Black
 $9.30 (was $14.34)

Mani Muse Perfectly Pressed Gel Mani Press-on Nails


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