I Can't Stop Thinking About These Fucking 'Love Is Blind' Goblets

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Love is Blind season 75 is officially here. (JK—it’s season 5, but you kinda believed that it’s been on that long for a second, didn’t you?) And its return has brought up a ton of questions that come to me in a flurry whenever this deranged show resurfaces on our Netflix feed: Are dating apps really so bad that you’d jump to agreeing to marry someone whose face you’ve never seen? Did they really bring back Nick and Vanessa when Lauren and Cameron are right there?! Is love really blind?

Let’s be honest, though. The question that has been rattling around in my head since we watched Giannina bolt after Damian said “I do not” is a simple one: Where the fuck do I get those golden goblets?! They are *fascinating* to me, even though the reason they exist on the show at all is purely functional. Since they’re opaque, you can’t see how full they are, which is a godsend for producers when they’re trying to cut together arguments that take place over multiple hours. Instead of audiences being able to clock when certain parts of a conversation take place because the booze levels change, you can suspend disbelief and float away on a cloud of bullshit, believing that all of these arguments happen in tight, 5-minute increments. The magic of “reality” TV!

But you don’t care about that shit, right? You just want to know where you can buy these are-they-ugly-or-are-they-cute-I-can’t-decide soup bowls for wine, right? Well, I’ve delivered for you. Ahead, shop some golden goblets that are dead ringers for the glasses they use on Love is Blind. They’re perfect for sitting on the couch and wondering how we’ve wound up in a reality where talking to someone without knowing what they look like is a reasonable way to find love.

Two for you and your boo..or your BFF

VERISA Stainless Steel Stemmed Wine Glasses


A larger set for your huge Love is Blind watch parties

WOTOR Golden Wine Glasses, Set of 4

A stemless set if you’re clumsy AF

Wiski Stemless Gold Wine Glasses


Maria Del Russo
Maria Del Russo
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