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I'm Sorry, But "What Would Jesse Solomon Do?" Is The Official Song Of The Summer

Bravo has provided a bucketful of certified bops from unlikely musical geniuses that are frankly more innovative than half The Academy’s faves. To celebrate Bravo’s eclectic music hits is to walk through multi-genre halls of under-appreciated talent. Have you ever heard a riff so rugged as Kim Zolciak’s runs in “The Ring Didn’t Mean A Thing?”. It’s like a rollercoaster for your ears. Barely a week goes by that I don’t need to boost my mood and turn to The Countess’ eternal lyrical wisdom “Money can’t buy you class, elegance is learned, my friend.” Yes, I’ll concede the obligatory “Good As Gold” mention but don’t even bother convincing me that “Feeling You” wouldn’t have broke billboard records with lyrics like “Met this chick she was DTF / Music so loud that I nearly went deaf.” But move over, Ashley Darby’s “Coffee & Love,” Bravo has a new ballad that may just end up being the song of the summer. Jesse Solomon became an instant fan fave since joining Summer House and the multi-talented not-trash bag keeps the charm coming on a May 23 episode of the series in which he dedicates a song to his housemates for supporting him through his recent health concerns. Without further ado, I present the full lyrics to Jesse Solomon’s “What Would Jesse Solomon Do?” for posterity.

The Lyrics To Jesse’s Summer House Song: “What Would Jesse Solomon Do?”

Jesse Solomon 'Summer House'
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“What Would Jesse Solomon Do”

Well he came to the house with open arms

Never thought making friends would come so hard

But little did he know, his friendships they would grow

What would Jesse Solomon do?

He’ll promise he’ll be a good friend to you

Well I don’t want anyone to fight

But will Carl and Lindsay make it through the night?

Will Kyle throw him under the bus?

Will Amanda get upset and throw a fuss?

Paige and Craig said he had to go

Gabby looked at his Raya and called him a hoe

West called him a beast and was nice to him

Ciara followed his lead and was nice on a whim

Well I gave it all, I was myself, and now I’m here to stay

What Would Jesse Solomon do?

At the end of the day, he’s just a big jew 

Tell me what would Jesse Solomon do?

We’ll be together til the end, my new friends

Seriously, it was touching to see everyone rally around Jesse as he checked off another major milestone in his cancer-free journey. The fact that the good news culminated in a full-blown performance of the group’s silly catchphrase “What would Jesse Solomon do?” is wholesome AF, which this crew can def use a dose of considering the bleak AF relationship drama that usually fills their screen time.

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