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Jesse And Amanda Have Been Flirting On Instagram And It's Kind Of A Thing

If season 9 of Summer House has taught us anything at all, it’s that marriage is hard. Apparently, even getting ready to be in a marriage is really hard. As the resident married couple of the Hamptons, Amanda and Kyle have not exactly been live, laugh, loving on camera this season (more like live, loverboy, lose your shit after a night out, at least on Kyle’s part). But since Amanda, Kyle, and the rest of the house have gotten some healthy time to recover from the summer drama between filming seasons everyone seems to be living their best life on social media, including Amanda and… Jesse Solomon? Jesse has been a breath of fresh air for us viewers who are a wee bit tired of the older gang’s antics (I mean how funny can losing your swim trunks be after doing it for the fifth time). And if Instagram is any indication, Amanda has been enjoying having Jesse around too. Like, a lot.

Fans have picked up on some repeated flirty banter Jesse and Amanda have been slinging in the comment section and it’s starting to get hard to ignore. I mean, I’m in full agreement with Scheana that Scandoval has warped all of our brains, and if I had access to Jesse, I’d probably do a little harmless flirting now and then too, but still… it’s perhaps a little much? Especially for a woman who just spent three months ripping her husband a new one. Idk guys, you be the judge. Let’s deep dive Jesse and Amanda’s relationship.

How did Jesse and Amanda become friends?

While newcomer West was a previous friend of both Amanda and Kyle’s, Jesse and Amanda met when Jesse arrived weekend one of Summer House and the pair hit it off as pals ever since. Kyle introduced Jesse to the group as “single and making the most of it” and Jesse definitely lived up to bringing the single bro energy.

Amanda And Jesse’s Social Media Flirting

Since the summer ended, it seems much of the cast has had a busy year. Ciara visited West’s family farm in the midwest (why do all of her Summer House flings own rural property?), Lindsay and Carl have been living the single life, and Kyle and Amanda have been traveling all over the world for business and pleasure. But that hasn’t stopped Amanda from having a virtual flirt fest captured in all its posterity by the eagle-eyed Bravo Twitter community.

One cozy video a conspiracy theory does not make. However, some of the following comments are definitely googly eyeball emoji.

Is it weird to call your friend’s wife hot? Unclear. What’s funnier though is with Amanda’s comment “why do you hate me?!?!” they seem like two middle schoolers who are definitely gonna kiss under the bleachers at homecoming. Sorry Kyle!

While I’m not sure if it’s chill to call your friend’s wife hot, I’m positive it’s low-key out of pocket to publicly post anything with “fuck.” (I am stealing this reaction though, thanks Jesse).

To like a comment shipping their fictional relationship? Criminal.

This has to be the most damning evidence. Jesse is “at a loss for words” under a sponsored video of Amanda trying on a bra??? Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to see a genuine male/female friendship come out of Summer House. And Jesse is so obviously a massive flirt, he even gives West special attention on their romantic car rides out to The Hamptons. But this level of written banter has got to be trolling, a very elaborate inside joke, or maybe just a learning opportunity to exercise a little public discretion if you don’t want the internet to freak out.

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