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WTF Does The Summer Solstice And Strawberry Moon Mean For Me? Like, Astrologically

Astrology girlies, gear up. Some serious shit is happening with the moon and the stars and pretty much everything else in the sky. We all know that summer officially starts on June 20 and while we think that may just mean longer days, beach outings, and a renewed will to live at an all-time-high, there’s so much more to the start of summer than we even realize — especially because the first day of summer is also known as the summer solstice. Not only that but just a day later on June 21, we’ll also be witnessing a strawberry moon.

Now if you’re looking at these words and thinking “WTF does that even mean,” and “why should I even care?” don’t worry — our favorite astrologist Lisa Stardust is here to break down what the strawberry moon and summer solstice mean and how they’re going to affect your zodiac sign.

What Is A Strawberry Moon?

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A “strawberry moon” sounds super adorbs but don’t get it twisted, it comes packed with a lot of energy. It’s basically the name given to the full moon in June — usually the last full moon of spring or the first one of the summer. Its name originates from indigenous tribes that would use this specific full moon to determine it was time to start harvesting strawberries (which are officially in season now!).

And along with delicious strawberries, the strawberry moon brings in a lot of change and abundance. “The strawberry moon’s appearance after the solstice makes it a powerful time of release and newness,” Lisa Stardust tells Betches. Also, this year, the Capricorn full moon appears twice.

What Is The Summer Solstice? And What Does It Mean 

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Scientifically speaking, the summer solstice is when the Sun’s path in the sky reaches its northernmost point in the Northern Hemisphere, typically causing the longest day of the year. But if we’re talking astrologically, it marks a time associated with heightened emotions, nurturing energy, and a focus on home and family. It’s a period for reflection, personal growth, and embracing the nurturing aspects of life. The summer solstice is also seen as a powerful time for setting intentions and manifesting goals, as the sun’s energy is at its peak. “The solstice also marks the entrance of the sun into cancer season, which is a cardinal sign and a seasonal initiator of the zodiac,” Lisa says. 

How Will The Strawberry Moon And Summer Solstice Affect My Zodiac Sign?


“The solstice and full moon are urging you to find a balance between your personal and professional life,” Lisa says. The way you’re going could lead to burn out, so this period is going to bring in important decisions on how to better manage your time for a more balanced future. 


There’s going to be a lot of growth regarding the way you consider new perspectives. Even if you’ve been stuck in your ways, this period is going to show you how to consider new ways of thinking. “Keep in mind that you don’t have to do so at a fast pace and can take baby steps towards personal evolution,” Lisa says.


Money, money, money, honey! A lot of money is coming your way but it’s not attached with consistency. “All the more reason for you to keep track of your spending and to make investments that will boost your bank account,” Lisa says.


“Relationships are at the forefront of your heart during the solstice and full moon,” Lisa says. “Finding ways to express yourself to your partner or crush will be compounding because you tend to take time and process your emotions.” Practicing saying how you really feel is the best course of action — let your feelings be known!  


Forget your friends for a sec, you’re going to need to take a second look at how your coworkers are treating you. “People are trying to sabotage work projects but you’ll be able to check them and let them know who’s the boss,” Lisa explains. 


You’re usually the person that has the best advice for your friends, but right now you’re going to be the one who could use some guidance from your support system. “It will be hard for people to show you support,” Lisa says. “Let them know how you feel in order to move forward and find resolutions with them.”


“Home is where your heart is, which means you should give a lot of love to your dwelling and family,” Lisa advises. Maybe it’s time to do that redecoration you’ve been thinking about. At the very least, let’s get some new sheets.


It’s time you booked that trip, solo or otherwise. “Experiencing different places and flavors enlighten your mind and motivate you to be more adventurous in the upcoming months,” Lisa says. 


It’s your time to shine, Sag. “You are finding that your power intensity is heightening, as you’re excelling in all you do,” Lisa says. You’re going to be saying “yes” to more things on your plate and “hell yes” to getting the respect you deserve. 


If you’ve been in need of a lover girl summer, this is your chance. It’s a great time to have the summer romance of your dreams. “Just be careful that you aren’t making the same mistakes and are in a healthy dynamic that has wings to grow,” Lisa explains. 


“The solstice is urging you to be more active, while the full moon wants you to take a step back and relax,” Lisa says. So the best course of action here is to lean into all forms of self-care that make you feel good. 


You’re going to want to really lean onto the people you love most right now. “Take time out of your schedule and reach out to your close friends,” Lisa says. “Try to make a plan in the upcoming months to get together and celebrate the good times.”

Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad
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