It's Capricorn Season: Your Weekly Horoscopes for December 17-21

Friday, December 21 is the official start of winter, but it’s also the beginning of Capricorn season. Don’t be surprised if you start feeling less holly jolly and more get-to-work-y. Capricorns are known for practicality, ambition, and wisdom. They can also be pessimistic, cautious, and stubborn. Watch a Hallmark Christmas movie, go look at some pretty lights and watch somebody fall on their ass while ice skating. That will keep your sprits bright for sure. Here are your weekly horoscopes for December 17-21:


The Sun is at the top of your chart starting this week, casting you in a favorable light to all the important people in your life. Bosses will want to give you bigger holiday bonuses. The bartender will give you stronger pours. Be on guard for frenemies, though. Your good luck is likely to bring out the haters. If you feel the bad vibes, move the eff on.


The travel bug bites you when the sun changes signs at the end of the week. This is great if you have holiday vacation plans to somewhere tropic, exotic, and Instagrammable. This is not so great if your plans are traveling to some frigid wasteland like Cleveland for your family’s Christmas. I guess you need to make the best of any situation and really come up with some creative captions to keep that like count high.


Passion is the name of the game for you in the next four weeks. Whether you’re getting hot and heavy between the sheets, completing a project at work you really enjoy, or doing some volunteering for a cause you actually care about, your efforts will be blessed. As for things you don’t enjoy, don’t even bother. It’s not worth serving Christmas dinners to the less fortunate if you’re going to be a grinch the whole time. They really don’t need that kind of negativity in their lives.


The Sun changes signs at the end of the week, moving directly opposite your sign. The Sun, which serves as your energy source, being so far away means you’ll need more rest and sleep. This can also make you a little down on yourself and critical. Instead of calling yourself fat and lazy, think of this as a time where you can focus on self improvement. I mean, after the holidays of course. And probably in February when the New Year’s resolutioners have lost their motivation. So, yeah, enjoy your nap. You’ve got like, two months before you have to go back to the gym.


Leos are practically made for the holiday season. All the sparkles and lights and attention and glitz are right up your alley. Still, you have a lot to do and are running out of time to do it. Channel your inner Santa and work on organization. Make some lists and check them twice. Get all your sh*t done with time to spare so you have more time to party and get gifts and free alcohol from other people.


As a sign of service, all of the holiday charity and donations and bell ringing are right up your alley. Of course, the attention and accolades for your efforts are nice, but that’s not why you do it. Since you’re being so good to others right now, you deserve to be a little naughty for yourself. Hook up with a hottie. Drink the full-fat eggnog. And buy yourself something nice. You earned it.


The Sun changing signs this week gives you more opportunities to do what you do best: socialize. Of course, when they weather is beyond frightful, it’s actually okay to stay in. I mean, don’t stay in by yourself like a recluse. Instead, make the party come to you. Sure, you might have to clean your bathroom and hide your valuables. But the drinks are cheaper and you don’t have to worry about whether or not you need to bring a coat.


The Sun moves to Capricorn this week. That’s nice. What really matters to you is that Venus is in your sign, making you feel romantic, loved, and beautiful. Sure, you need to do some shopping for other people, but it’s actually the best time of year to buy clothes for yourself. You’ll find things that fit you perfectly and you’ll have the discernment from Capricorn to know whether you’ll wear it more than once.


You’re in the business of being good at business. Whether it’s scoring a big deal at work, negotiating what you and your boyfriend watch on Netflix, or talking your landlord out of the late fee on rent, things are really going to go your way. You also get a helping hand from chatty Mercury. Just beware, Mercury can make you a little too talkative. Don’t give a way all your secrets—it’s hard to keep the upper hand that way.


Happy Birthday, Capricorn! Sure, you kind of get screwed by having a birthday so close to the major holidays, but the good luck the Sun brings to your sign will make up for that… sort of. Use any time off you have in the coming weeks to recharge for your personal year ahead. Pamper yourself with R & R and getting rid of negative energy. Delete numbers of people who bring you down and when they text you, say your iPhone backup failed or something.


The Sun is in hiding in your chart starting this Friday. This is the time you need to use to refocus your goals for the year ahead. Do you want to stay single for a full year? Make it a goal to avoid all f*ckboys and resist downloading dating apps. Do you want a job you don’t hate? Make a goal to go back to school or, like, get a resume that isn’t totally embarrassing. They new year is all about you, and this is the time to figure out what that looks like.


Your popularity increases over the next four weeks with the Sun in Capricorn. Borrow some of that Capricorn discernment when deciding who to spend your time with. Like, don’t spend all your time off with a guy you just met in order to have him ghost in January. Don’t accept party invites from people who you don’t actually even like. Your time is your most valuable resource and all that good stuff.

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