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Theories About WTF Went Down At The 'VPR' Reunion Filming

One can only hope that the Vanderpump Rules season 11 reunion will be more entertaining than the regular episodes have been. I physically cannot deal with one more comment about how everyone should forgive Sandoval. Also, Scheana is driving me up a wall with her need to make Ariana’s relationship fiasco all about her. The whole season has basically been Scandoval Continued, which is just getting old fast. However, the midseason trailer did look slightly promising, and Andy Cohen claims that the reunion is “compelling.”

In a recent interview, Katie also teased the reunion, calling it “emotional” and “very different from last year.” She noted that what happened at this reunion has “never happened before.” Hmm. Naturally, this clip inspired a million juicy reddit theories about the special episode. Did someone leave? Was there a friendship breakup? Was there an epic performance? Here are all the best VPR season 11 reunion predictions.

Ariana quits the show

Ariana Madix
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It certainly seems like a possibility. To be honest, if I was on every magazine cover, starting a cute sandwich shop, and starring in Broadway’s Chicago, I’d immediately say bye bye to my demon ex and stop filming Vanderpump Rules. If we’re being real, the show peaked and is only gonna get worse from here.

Ariana and Lala end their friendship after a massive fight

It’s now actually confirmed that Ariana and Lala had a blowout fight at the reunion… and that adds up based on how this season’s going. There’s been tension brewing between these ladies since Lala feels the need to defend Sandoval and scold Ariana every three seconds.

Lala responded to this fan theory and teased the argument while on The Talk in March. “I think the exact tweet was, ‘Ariana eviscerated Lala at the reunion, and it was friendship ruining,’ and only one of those things is true – I’ll let y’all decide,” she said. Then, Lisa commented on the Lala/Ariana fallout during an appearance on the Virtual Reali-Tea podcast. “It was very complicated,” she recalled. “I wouldn’t say Ariana eviscerated Lala.” BRB, mentally preparing myself for this.

Scheana makes one last attempt at Dancing With the Stars

Scheana Shay
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My personal favorite theory! We all know that this girl is on a mission to book DWTS (she really won’t shut up about it), and one reddit user thinks Scheana might have broken out into a grand dance number at the reunion to show off her skills. Oooohhh, maybe she and Ariana had a dance battle.

Sandoval takes responsibility for his actions


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HAhahaha. I mean, no, that’s never happened before, but I think it’s safe to say that that’s never going to happen.

Lisa announces her retirement from the show

Personally, I’m kind of done with her this season. It is wildly cringey that her whole storyline is feeling bad for Sandoval and trying to get the rest of the cast to be nice to him. Not to mention, she has that new Vanderpump Villa show to focus on anyway.

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