Just Because These Ugly Summer Trends Are Popular Doesn't Make Them OK

The thing about summer fashion is that you can think you look really cute when in fact, you could be wrong. So very wrong. There are a lot of trends that exist simply because Kim Kardashian wore it while getting ice cream one time, but that shouldn’t make it okay for regular people to wear. Like, I don’t see hangover sweats and baseball hats becoming a trend because I wore that while grocery shopping. IDGI. Just because the media and A-list celebs we stalk on Insta wear it, doesn’t mean it looks good IRL. From one betch to another, here are 5 ugly summer trends you really don’t want to be caught dead wearing.

1. Floral Dad Patterns

Part of me knows that this is slightly a joke, but I can’t help but wonder given the amount of girls I’ve seen legitimately wear this out to the bars. I don’t care if it’s a sorority mixer theme, and I definitely don’t care if the pattern is on a dress—tacky floral button-up styles are so not okay and like, not even that funny, either. If it looks like something your dad would wear to a BBQ, put it back on the rack.

ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Cropped Hawaiian Shirt

2. Toe Sandals

Feet weird me out, tbh and it’s even worse if my toe is given a spotlight in a shoe. These are just a straight-up no from me, dawg.

Ancient Greek Sandals Eleftheria braided leather sandals

3. Biker Shorts

No. Just fucking no. I don’t care which celeb wore these first or which designer made them. These are not fucking cool to wear out to the club. If this is the country we’re living in, I’m moving to like, Bora Bora. Biker shorts belong in the gym or your nearest Dick’s Sporting Goods. That’s all.

PrettyLittleThing Basic Black Bike Shorts

4. Bucket Hats

Certain stylish hats just started becoming fashionable and socially acceptable again, so let’s not push it. Floppy sun hats are chic, whereas bucket hats are probs best worn by your Uncle Jim and 1990s rappers only. Stick with bohemian styles this summer, and for the love of god, don’t even look twice at these. Bucket hats don’t look good with anything, I promise. If someone tells you otherwise, they’re lying.

Urban Outfitters Floral Crochet Bucket Hat

 5. Chunky Sneakers

This is another dad-inspired trend that makes me question why and when we started looking to our dads for fashion inspo??? Maybe you live in Brooklyn. Maybe you’re just a hipster. Either way, the dad sneaker isn’t my fave. Although probs super comfy, you can still get both the look and comfort by opting for a pair of like, Vans, Adidas, or literally any other sneaker.

Jeffrey Campbell Lo-fi Sneakers

Images: Mehdi-Thomas BOUTDARINE / Unsplash; Asos; Net-a-Porter; PrettyLittleThing; Urban Outfitters; Shopbop
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