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My Tween Skincare Routine Was An Absolute Mess Compared To What They're Using Today

If you thought your skincare and beauty routine was top-notch, get ready to meet the true skincare aficionados of our time: Gen Alpha. If you haven’t seen it already, 10-year-olds are taking over Sephora and these pint-sized skincare gurus are all over TikTok with their “knowledge” and an obsession with tween skincare that put our early 2000s beauty products shame.

Back in the early 2000s, skincare choices were as limited as our ringtone options on flip phones. Proactiv for acne, Clean & Clear Morning Burst cleansers, Lip Smacker chapsticks, and St. Ives scrub were the Holy Grail of skincare for tweens. Fast forward to today, and Gen Alpha is keen on brands like Drunk Elephant, Bubble Skincare, Rhode, Starface, and Laneige, that even our adult selves can’t resist.


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It’s like an epidemic on TikTok–the moment you open the app, you’re bombarded with tweens (including North West) sharing their newfound love for double-cleansing routines and masking. But don’t let their age fool you; these mini-skincare gurus know what’s up.

On the other hand, some tweens are going as far as exploring with retinol and harsh exfoliants, things that, TBH, shouldn’t have a place in their vanities. A nine-year-old does not need to worry about prevention of any kind. If you’re shopping for a tween in your life, play it safe with cleansers, oil-free moisturizers, lip balm, pimple patches, and SPF. In other words, skincare should have an age limit.

Before diving into what Gen Alpha’s loving today, let’s take a step back to memory lane with some of the most popular skincare picks from back in the day. (And yes, some are still around!)

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Early 2000s Tween Skincare

A bursting cleanser

Clean & Clear 2 Piece Set - Day and Night Face Cleanser

The #1 acne solution

Proactiv 3 Step Acne Treatment

Fruity lip balms

Lip Smackers Flavored Lip Balm Trio

The face scrub that got canceled (& re-branded)

St. Ives Fresh Skin Face Scrub

2024 Tween Skincare

A gentle cleanser

Youth To The People Superfood Gentle Antioxidant Refillable Cleanser

A daily SPF

Bubble Solar Mate Daily Mineral SPF 40

The cutest pimple patches

Starface Hydro-Stars

Everyone’s favorite lip mask

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask

A fluffy moisturizer

Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Nourishing Whipped Refillable Moisturizer

Hailey Bieber’s viral lip treatment

Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment

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Andrea Marie