These Types Of Instagram Posts Always Fail, According To Danielle Bernstein

It’s not all fun and flat tummy tea when it comes to being a successful influencer—in fact, it actually takes a ton of hard work. If you want to actually make money off of posting cute pictures, it takes more than just being pretty. This week we had Danielle Bernstein from We Wore What on our When’s Happy Hour podcast to talk about how she’s built her career as an entrepreneur.

Danielle didn’t just wake up one day and decide to post sick pics. She started We Wore What 10 years ago as a sophomore in college after transferring from the University of Wisconsin-Madison to FIT. Upon arriving in New York, Danielle realized there are people who actually get dressed and look cute to go to class. (The horror.) To inspire her basic friends back at Wisco to ditch their leggings and UGGs, she started a street style blog to showcase her peers’ outfits.

Eventually, as her style developed, Danielle turned the camera around on herself and transformed We Wore What into a personal style blog. She now has her own line of overalls and swimwear and has been named a Forbes 30 Under 30. So, how does she do it, and like, could you? Here’s are some of the highlights from our podcast with Danielle. For all the tricks for being successful, you’ll have to listen.

  • Danielle hates the word blogger, she’s an entrepreneur (get it right, duh)
  • “Know your worth and know your value” — your time and expertise are worth something (and that something is cash $$$)
  • Be a fearless networker (you’ll have to listen for the full scoop on this)
  • Talk to people about themselves cause everyone’s a narcissist (and do your research)
  • Danielle shares, “everyone and their mother wants to be a blogger right now” so you need to find a way to stand out and look for a niche that only you can fill
  • Your authenticity is your greatest value as an influencer, so learn when to say no to brands that don’t fit
  • Danielle has tried the hair bear gummies and they don’t f*cking work
  • Danielle loves meeting her followers and says “they’re always so cute and well dressed”—great work, guys!
  • Even when you’re famous, haters can still get you down, and for Danielle, they do sometimes. But Danielle lives by the motto that “haters mean you’re doing something right”, so embrace the hate and learn why it’s actually making you more successful.
  • Posts that will always fail on your Instagram: things that look too much like an ad—huge pet peeve of Danielle’s (and like, everyone)
  • Just because it’s Instagram doesn’t mean you don’t have to be professional
  • Get Danielle’s interview tips and tricks as well as her favorite questions to ask while searching for her own interns

For more career advice from Danielle, (and us, duh) listen to our When’s Happy Hour podcast below.

If you need even more advice (let’s be honest, we all do), order our book, When’s Happy Hour?. To follow Danielle, check out her Instagram.