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Here Are The Chances 'The Valley' Gets A Dramatic Reunion With Andy

We’re more than halfway through the freshman season of Jax Taylor’s comeback vehicle and I believe it’s time for us, the haters, to admit defeat. This wasn’t the Vanderpump Rules spinoff we wanted (in fact, it’s not the only Vanderpump Rules Spinoff on the air right now) but it’s the one we deserved. Brittany and Jax are somehow both trying for a baby and on the verge of breaking up, Kristen and Luke are trying for a baby while acting like babies at every dinner party, and Michelle is desperately trying to abandon her adult baby (Jesse) in their slow motion car crash of a breakup that I cannot look away from.

There’s no way all of this top-tier mess could be tied up nicely in a bow with just four episodes left, and the people need answers for all of our burning questions (starting with if Jax’s hair growth product is what turned Zac’s hair into a helmet). Now that we thankfully know Andy Cohen is here to stay, let’s discuss: will The Valley get a reunion?

Update: Kristen dropped a bomb (I mean, when does she not?) on a May 2 episode of her podcast with Luke Broderick that The Valley would “100%” not be getting a reunion special. I mean Kristen is one of the cast members who previously said they definitely were going to film one, so I really don’t know what to believe now.

Will The Valley’s season 1 get a reunion?

All signs say yes. While it’s unclear who’s more excited, the viewers at home or the thirstiest cast in America, The Valley is indeed reported by multiple cast members to be set for a reunion. Jax Taylor, king of humility that he is, alluded before the show even aired that The Valley reunion would “need security” because of the high-intensity drama that he promised would outshine Vanderpump Rules. Unfortunately, despite my deep desire to never give that man credit, Jax and his fellow party parents did deliver more action this year than VPR. Even more recently, patron of the arts Michelle Lally confirmed on an Instagram Story that they would be filming a reunion soon, which was immortalized by the Bravo FBI agents on Twitter. Hopefully, Michelle was only sharing information she confirmed to be 100% true, instead of passing along second-hand news she heard from one of her castmates because we know how that goes down in this group.

When is The Valley reunion?

Michelle and Jesse Lally
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The 10th episode of the season is scheduled for May 21, 2024. Now this could mean that we’re getting four more episodes of suburban showdowns, followed by an additional 11th reunion episode (or two, but let’s not get greedy). It could also mean that the next three episodes are regular season content with the 10th and final episode being the hopefully soon-to-be-announced reunion. Andy, keep us posted.

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