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The Internet Is In Shambles Over Monica's 'RHOSLC' Departure

It’s a rare but special time when the internet can rally together. We saw it that time Ariana Grande licked a donut, when Miley twerked on Robin Thicke, Lady Gaga wore a meat dress… all unifying moments in our culture. Today, we are faced with another big one: Monica Garcia will not be returning to Real Housewives of Salt Lake City next season.

According to People, it is confirmed that Monica is departing from the series, making her the greatest one-season wonder the franchise has ever seen. In case you clicked on this article with zero prior knowledge, allow me to fill you in.

On the season 4 finale of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Monica was exposed as the woman behind the troll Instagram account Reality Von Tease. Heather made the discovery after her hairdresser, Tenesha, who happens to be Monica’s friend, “came clean” about Monica’s involvement in the account. The three-part season 4 reunion has been filled with drama and reveals about Monica. Though, the biggest reveal happened before the final part of the reunion aired when it was confirmed that Monica will not be returning for season 5. Sure, it’s possible she’s getting the “put on pause” Dorinda Medley special, or will return in another form on The Traitors or House of Villains (would be a big missed opportunity to not include her). But for now, the internet has been thrown into a tizzy and, for the most part, agree that this is a bummer with a capital B.

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Steph Perlman
Steph Perlman
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