The Best Outfits From 'Vanderpump Rules' So Far & Where To Get Them

The cast of Vanderpump Rules continuously gives us their ALL each and every season, and this season has been no exception. Spoiler alert: James got fired, Kristen’s losing it, and Lala only flies via “pjs.” Okay, maybe not actually spoilers considering anyones who’s watched the first six seasons up through now could have predicted all of that. What’s also predictable? The girls’ stylish wardrobe choices. They’ve clearly bought out Revolve’s entire site in order to prep for this season, and I’m totally here for it. All of the girls from the cast have been wearing envy-inducing outfits, so I’m here to tell you exactly where to get each of my favorite pieces we’ve seen thus far on Vanderpump Rules.

1. Kristen’s Lace Bodysuit

Crazy Kristen is back and better than ever. From scaling the fences at SUR just to bring in one of James’s side hoes, to getting “trashy” blackout in Solvang and tripping over a table, our favorite psychopath has officially arrived. Not only is she bringing us the drama this season, but she’s also been bringing us some covetable fashion looks. My favorite piece she’s worn so far is her lace sheer bodysuit from Girl’s Night In (awk, sorry James #bringbackSeeYouNextTuesday). Kristen wore the bodysuit as part of a lingerie look for Girls Night In; however, this appropriately named bodysuit can def be worn in a more everyday way. For example, pair it with leather pants for going out or layered over a super fitted T-shirt for daytime.

Majorelle Body Suit

MAJORELLE Annie Bodysuit

2. Stassi’s Striped Blouse

Stassi always looks chic and polished, so it’s no surprise that her first time on a “pj” she looks classy af. Her signature LA look is a button-up shirt and little denim shorts, plus a cool pair of shades and glam shoes. It’s the perfect effortlessly cool outfit formula, and you can get an almost identical version of her shirt online from Nordstrom Rack. And, considering you can currently get the dupe for less than $30, buying one for yourself should be an even easier no-brainer than whether James cheated on Raquel or not. (Sorry James, it’s too easy.)

Como Vintage Striped Hi-Lo Blouse

3. Katie’s Rhinestone Belt

As soon as I saw the girls posting their outfits from Stassi’s #OOTD Day party, I went on a HUNT for Katie’s belt. It’s the perfect belt to elevate any outfit. When I went on my search, these belts were very hard to find. There were very few options, and almost all were sold out. But, since then, I have seen tons of variations of the belt and at a variety of prices. So, lucky for you, finding one should be no problem. Not to mention, I’ve included two options below because, well, I’m nice like that.

B-low The Belt Farah belt

Express Crystal Gem Belt

4. Brittany’s Heart Dress

This girly dress is legit the epitome of Brittany in dress form: super sweet and subtly sexy. This dress is super cute and it’s actually from Pretty Little Thing, so it won’t cost you your whole paycheck. In fact, at only $28, it will probs cost less than the lunch you ordered in today. This season, Brittany actually seems to be wearing a couple different pieces from the site, which is v smart considering she’s only going to wear these clothes once for an episode before she’s done with them. Kudos to you Brittany, for being financially savvy! Going to need that money for that over-the-top expensive engagement party coming up, I’m sure.

PLT Heart Dress

Pretty Little Thing White Heart Print Frill Dress

5. Ariana’s Interview Dress

Ariana has been KILLING it in her interview looks. I’m OBSESSED with the hot pink cut-out dress she’s been wearing but, of course, it’s sold out. Fortunately, her other stunning interview look, a  yellow cut-out dress, is still available AND, brace yourself, still has a full size run. It’s an ideal dress for transitioning into spring and summer in the upcoming months. It’s also a great dress to wear to any upcoming weddings—you know, like the one that Ariana and Tom will never have.

NBD Totale Dress

NBD Totale Dress in Marigold

We’re not even halfway through this season and the staff of SUR has already served us up some fire looks thus far. (And yes, pun totally intended.) From the looks of the teasers, we still have some more trips, parties, and drama-filled events to look forward to, so we’re guaranteed some more amazing outfits. And, just so we’re clear, by amazing outfits I’m definitely not referring to Lisa’s predictable silky magenta blouses and Kristin’s aggressively branded ironic T-shirt line. And none for Scheana, byeee!

Images: @bigblondehair / Instagram; @kristendoute / Instagram; Revolve (2); Nordstrom Rack; B-low The Belt; Express; PrettyLittleThing
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Shannon McCormick
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