A Shopbop Sale Is Happening Now & You Can't Afford To Pass Up These Deals

In case you’ve happened to miss it in the midst of Kanye’s tweetstorm, the Golden State Killer being caught, or just the general shit show of headlines that’s constantly flooding your life as an iPhone owner in 2018, Shopbop is having one of their legendary sales. To save you from trying to hide the fact that you’re scrolling through pages of marked-down designer stuff at work, I’ve picked some of the best items you should totally buy from the Shopbop sale. It’s like, the Devil works hard, Kris Jenner works harder, and I work the hardest. 

1. Beth Richards Tank One Piece

Since one piece bathing suits obviously aren’t going anywhere anytime soon (you’re still waiting for that free red one from that Instagram giveaway, right?), you might as well buck up and get a good one instead of hoping that you’ll accidentally stumble across a suit that doesn’t say “NOT UR BAE” on the ass in Forever 21.

2. Bronzallure Square Tube Hoop Earrings

I’m pretty sure these are the exact white gold hoops Gretchen Weiners got for Hanukkah. Rachel McAdams is like, way too busy being a mom these days to patrol the hoop wearers of the world, so you should totally go for it.

Bronzallure Square Tube Hoop Earrings

3. Splendid Bassett Flat Knotted Mules

I cannot stress enough how much flat mules will save your life. They’re literally the most comfortable thing in the entire world. You can essentially wear slippers to work. You’re welcome.

4. #QUAYXKYLIE Hidden Hills Sunglasses

I know that Kanye told Kim that big sunglasses are so lame now, but he has also spent the past twenty four hours basically jacking off to Trump on Twitter, so let’s forget everything he’s ever said. Kylie has to start saving for Stormi’s college fund, so you should really support her by purchasing these massive shades at a discounted price.

#QUAYXKYLIE Sunglasses

5. Wildfox I’m Bored Sweatshirt

I literally cannot think of a more versatile item to add to your wardrobe than one that boldy proclaims your constant state of being. This is also like, a highly Instagrammable sweatshirt.

Wildfox I'm Bored Sweatshirt

6. Citizens of Humanity Emerson Cuff Jeans

These are low-key almost capri pants, but we’re going to ignore that because they’re super comfy jeans that you can really dress up or dress down to go with anything. They’re like the sweatpants of jeans, essentially.

7. Sam Edelman Abbigail Micro Tote

Micro bags are so in right now, but they’re a macro pain in the ass because they hardly ever fit any of the iPhone pluses. (I know, I know. Life is so awful!) Anyway, this micro tote still fits the bill, but you can actually put shit in it.

Sam Edelman Abbigail Micro Tote

Images: Shopbop (7); / Unsplash

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