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Sex Positions To Get You Knocked Up ASAP

When you’re trying to get pregnant, it seems like there are things you can start changing about everything in your life to get it done. You start eating certain foods, trying out different kinds of exercises, and if you’re really determined, you switch up the way you have sex

Let’s be real for a sec: According to multiple studies, there’s no specific sex position that’s going to increase your odds of getting preggers — if there were, I would have sworn off of it since I started having sex. But what does help you get pregnant is getting some sperm as close to your cervix as possible. So if you really want to get knocked up, you’re going to want to aim for sex positions that allow for some really deep penetration. Since the cervix is what connects the vagina to the uterus, having your partner finish here gives you a pretty straight shot. 

When getting it in deep, missionary and doggy style will be your best friends. But would we really just leave you with those two baby-making options? Of course not. Here are some fun sex positions to help you get pregnant.

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Best Sex Positions to Get Pregnant: The Saddle

Snag a yoga ball (or make do with a couch if one isn’t handy) and instruct your partner to lie back on it with legs bent in front, like a table. Then, perch yourself on top with legs straddling on both sides. Your partner can use their thighs to bounce you, or you can do the work yourself, but either way, this lets you get some deep penetration going. 

Best Sex Positions to Get Pregnant: The Catapult

Recline on your back with your butt teetering at the bed’s edge. Bend your knees toward your chest. Your partner should position themselves directly before you, allowing you to wrap your legs around their shoulders. Because you’re locked in and close, you get the perfect position to aim sperm right at your cervix. Hot! 

Best Sex Positions to Get Pregnant: The Skewer

Lay back on the bed but make sure your butt is at the edge. Your partner should kneel in front of the bed and enter you like this, allowing you to wrap your legs around them. Anytime leg-wrapping is involved, you can just assume they’re getting in there deep. 

Best Sex Positions to Get Pregnant: The Plank

Set yourself up the same way you did for the skewer, but instead of having your partner kneel in front of you, have them face-to-face with you and then basically plank over your body. They have to hold their body up, but hey, you’re the champ who’s taking the deep penetration. 

Best Sex Positions to Get Pregnant: The Chibi

I know, I know! I said no doggy style. But this position has one super easy adjustment to doggy that makes it even deeper and actually super pleasurable. Instead of your partner placing their knees on the bed, just have them stand over the edge while you’re in the same position. They can control their movements for a deeper stroke, and it’s not the same old doggy — see, you can teach an old dog some new tricks. 

Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad
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