The Hottest New Song For Your ~Nighttime~ Playlist

If Valentine’s Day left you ready to get hot and heavy, or at least ready to send that text that you probably shouldn’t, you need to gather all the right supplies. Between cleaning your apartment, trying on every piece of lingerie in your closet, and throwing on all of the makeup you own, what betch has the time to concoct the perfect mood-setting playlist? Not to fear—we’re here to help you make at least one good decision this weekend: Listen to ROZES x Nicky Romero’s new single, “Where Would We Be.” ROZES’ silky-smooth vocals and Romero’s classic melody create ~intimate~ playlist gold in a sensual rumination on love, life, and bittersweet romantic nostalgia. This song is perfect for whatever mood you’re in, whether you’re pregaming, getting ready to go out, or having a dance party alone in front of your mirror (just me on that one?). Warning: maybe don’t listen while you’re scrolling through your ex’s Insta.


You may remember ROZES from her co-writing and singing credit on The Chainsmoker’s “Roses,” or maybe you caught her at Coachella, SXSW, The Late Late Show with James Corden, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, or her amazing performance at the Betches Meme Gala. A vocal powerhouse and versatile artist, ROZES’ sound and soulfulness has only grown with her latest outing. Throw in a melody from superstar Dutch DJ and producer Nicky Romero and you have playlist gold. This true power duo will def be topping the charts. Listen below so you can be the first to know and love that song every betch is gonna cry to in a bar in the next few months.

Image: Justin James Muir