Everything You Missed At The Betches Inaugural Meme Gala

Anyone who’s anyone would know that we hosted an incredible Meme Gala at Sky Art in New York City, which was just as amazing as it sounds—as if you couldn’t tell from your Insta feed. Where do I even begin to describe the insanity that went on? From a legit wall of flowers to a tunnel of our favorite memes, to endless Bachelor Wines, a ROZES performance, and a DJ set from Kap Slap, the gala was basically the highlight of 2017. If you weren’t there, you missed out on an awesome time where we drank awesome shooters, listened to awesome music, and sat around, soaking up each other’s awesomeness.

First and most importantly, let’s talk about the drinks that we chugged during the open bar. Yes, there were bottles on bottles of Bachelor Wines, because fucking duh. We enjoyed more than plenty custom drinks made with Sparkling Ice, Three Olives, D’USSÉ, and we may or may not have chambonged—yes, that is a verb—one too many times. We even had v high-quality beers such as Smart Beer and Kombrewcha, which are like, totally healthy and organic, so we didn’t even feel bad about drinking them.

Amaaazing Food

The more we drank, the more we feasted on vanilla custard with Champagne marinated raspberries from our guilty pleasure, Shake Shack. Honestly, it was a food-gasm in every sense of the term. Fat Witch provided us with drool-worthy brownies, Sugarfina gave us our very own custom candy bar, and we low-key double-fisted our drinks with rosé snow cones from well, Rosé All Day. Did you expect anything less?

Photo Opps That Were Better Than Any Filter

A bangin’ party would be nothing without dozens of photo opps for all of our Insta followers to see that we are clearly living our best life. We seriously wouldn’t have gotten half as many likes if it weren’t for the Glamsquad crew who glammed up some lucky betches for the event. Bastille graced us with a literal wall of gorgeous roses that had “BETCHES” written across them, and I’m like, positive Kim K would approve. There was an entire hallway full of neon-lit signage, quotes, and our favorite emojis, thanks to NameGlo. We had a ginormous frame that read, “Most Epic Dating Profile Picture,” courtesy of Hinge (of course), and to top it off, we even had the world’s comfiest Leesa bed chillin’ in the middle of the room.

Bumpin’ Music

We spent the entire night dropping it low to bumpin’ music by Kap Slap and we totally unashamedly fan-girled over ROZES when she sang the one song we pregame the most to: “Roses”, duh. In the name of Bethany Byrd, it. was. awesome. Barefoot and all, the girl slayed the fuck out of my life.

Fab Party Favors

Before we stumbled into our Ubers and called it a night, we got the most amazing bags full of good shit like Morphe palettes, Philosophy soaps, Shop Betches accessories, and tons more from Leesa, Morning Recovery, Kombrewcha, NameGlo, and Sugarfina. Ya, if I were you, I’d want to be us, too. Needless to say, it was a phenomenal night to remember (or not, for me some of us), so thank you, a million times, to everyone for making it so special. We like, seriously could not have done it without you.

If you still have FOMO, you can relive the glory by watching our amazing recap video. Music: “Famous” by Rozes